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Titleist has taken it golf ball lineup and shaken things up with some ma­jor new im­prove­ments that have given these 2016 ver­sions bet­ter feel and more dis­tance through changes to the cov­ers and the core.

The NXT Tour, NXT Tour S and the Ve­loc­ity golf balls have been re-en­gi­neered to give play­ers more feel while also pro­mot­ing greater dis­tance through ad­vances in the de­sign of the core to help with ball speed off of the club head.

“At Titleist, our goal is al­ways to de­liver the best per­form­ing prod­uct we pos­si­bly can, and what new NXT Tour, NXT Tour S and Ve­loc­ity rep­re­sent are the best per­form­ing golf balls in their re­spec­tive cat­e­gories,” said Michael Ma­honey, Di­rec­tor, Golf Ball Prod­uct Man­age­ment for Titleist. “When we look at the re­sults of our ex­ten­sive ro­bot and player test­ing, we are ex­ceed­ingly con­fi­dent that golfers will ex­pe­ri­ence new Titleist golf ball mod­els that out­per­form their com­pe­ti­tion and de­liver on their mean­ing­ful per­for­mance im­prove­ments rel­a­tive to dis­tance, short­game per­for­mance and soft feel.”

The NXT Tour has a soft feel in its own right with a new Fus­ablend cover and fea­tures ex­cel­lent dura­bil­ity, yet has longer driver and iron dis­tance and a larger dual core cen­ter than pre­vi­ous ver­sions of this golf ball. The 302 oc­ta­he­dral dim­ple de­sign pro­motes a faster ball and bet­ter short game con­trol.

The NXT Tour S is the softer ver­sion of this ball and comes in white or op­tic yel­low. This is a markedly softer ball that the reg­u­lar NXT and sports great spin around the greens and still gives ex­cel­lent dis­tance. in the cover for­mu­la­tion. The cover is soft but it’s also durable, and it’s ex­clu­sive to Titleist. We call it Fus­ablend. It’s en­gi­neered to be soft and thin, which con­trib­utes to the ball’s ex­cep­tional short game spin. Un­like ther­mo­plas­tic ure­thanes (TPU) which most of our com­peti­tors use, our cover feels soft on all shots rather than clicky.”

The new ver­sion of the Ve­loc­ity com­bines good short game con­trol with ex­plo­sive dis­tance through a pro­pri­etary LSX core tech­nol­ogy that re­duces spin and cre­ates more roll-out on full shots. The thin­ner NAZ2 cover gives more feel than in the pre­vi­ous Ve­loc­ity ball and the softer com­pres­sion core gives this a great feel off all of the clubs.

“The core is the en­gine of the golf ball. We’ve made the core of the new Ve­loc­ity even larger – it’s now 1.575 inches in di­am­e­ter. A larger core means a thin­ner cover. That com­bi­na­tion gives Ve­loc­ity great ball speed. Add in Ve­loc­ity’s aero­dy­namic pack­age and you have an in­cred­i­ble for­mula for dis­tance,” said Matt Hogge, Titleist Golf Ball R&D’s Di­rec­tor of Prod­uct Im­ple­men­ta­tion. “But this is still a Titleist golf ball – and ev­ery golf ball we de­sign is about tee-to-green per­for­mance. While Ve­loc­ity is built for dis­tance in the long game, it also launches high with a steep an­gle of de­scent, which help golfers who don’t gen­er­ate a lot of short game spin stop the ball close to the pin. The thin­ner cover also pro­vides a more playable feel. All of these ben­e­fits will help golfers feel more con­fi­dent from tee to green.”

Each of these new mod­els have their ad­van­tages and a dif­fer­ent feel for ev­ery player’s taste.

For more in­for­ma­tion on the new Titleist golf balls: www.titleist.com.

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