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which we in­tro­duced in the fall of 2011, would still be a leader in the cat­e­gory in terms of com­bi­na­tion of low CG and high MOI. And our con­struc­tion has im­proved two times since then. Our tour play­ers like ball speed on off cen­ter hits just like ev­ery­one else does. Con­sis­tent dis­tance comes from con­sis­tent speed. The for­give­ness of 716 AP2 is now on par with 714 AP1 and brings dis­tance con­trol in a play­ers’ club to an en­tirely new level.”

A lot of play­ers on all lev­els are opt­ing to use mixed sets these days and choos­ing spe­cialty irons for the longer clubs to max­i­mize per­for­mance—es­pe­cially for those tougher longer shots.

Titleist is also of­fer­ing a great op­tion for play­ers look­ing for a driv­ing iron or some­thing eas­ier to hit than the tra­di­tional three or four iron that is part of an en­tire set. The T-MB Util­ity irons use an ex­treme amount of high den­sity tung­sten—as much as 80 grams’ in each head-- to pro­duce a high-launch, long carry club that is re­ally easy to hit but many times gives a more de­sir­able, lower launch than a hy­brid or fair­way wood.

With a low and deep CG and a high-MOI de­sign, the T-MB looks like a mus­cle-back iron but feels and plays more like a hy­brid, so if you are look­ing for a for­giv­ing club for longer shots, this fits the bill. The thin faced­face of 431 stain­less steel al­lows for more flex at im­pact, mak­ing this feel and per­form like a very pow­er­ful club.

“T-MB’s are the most playable, most for­giv­ing util­ity irons in the game. They will change the way play­ers look at this type of club from a driv­ing iron to a true util­ity club that can be in­te­grated into the long end of a play­ers’ set to im­prove dis­tance gap­ping and shot stop­ping,” said Chris McGin­ley, Vice Pres­i­dent, Titleist Golf Club Mar­ket­ing. “TMB is loaded with tech­nol­ogy. That’s what `T’ in T-MB rep­re­sents. Our R&D team has given play­ers more launch, carry dis­tance and for­give­ness where they need it most at the long end of the set, all with an in­cred­i­ble, lively feel.”

Titleist fea­tures an as­sort­ment of True Tem­per stock shafts with these three mod­els of clubs, in­clud­ing the newer Dy­namic Gold AMT that has been pop­u­lar on tour and the lighter lineup like the XP 90 and 95.

For more in­for­ma­tion: www.titleist.com.

Get­ting a grip on the golf club is pretty much a known fun­da­men­tal, but ac­com­plish­ing that with­out hold­ing it too tight and cre­at­ing ten­sion is not al­ways the eas­i­est thing to do—es­pe­cially in hot, hu­mid weather.

A so­lu­tion to this prob­lem for golfers has been solved by NFL player Matt Fursten­burg, a tight end who has played with the Bal­ti­more Ravens and found that the gloves he wears to catch foot­ball lost their tack­i­ness dur­ing a sin­gle game and wanted to find a so­lu­tion. After two years of re­search, the for­mer Univer­sity of Maryland Ter­rapin de­vel­oped a spray called Boost Grip Foot­ball Gel that has be­come an Ama­zon best seller.

Re­cently, after mar­ket­ing the prod­uct to foot­ball, base­ball and soft­ball play­ers, Fursten­burg has in­tro­duced the Grip Boost Golf Spray for golfers who are look­ing for more grip­ping power with­out hav­ing to stran­gle the club. This easy to use spray comes in a handy two once aerosol can that can be ap­plied be­fore or dur­ing the round sim­ply by spray­ing on your golf glove. A quick spray to club grips in ad­di­tion to the glove can in­crease the tack­i­ness and give you more grip­ing power with worn grips.

Grip Boost Golf Spray is mess-free, easyto-use and re­stores grip to golf gloves and clubs eas­ily. The best part about it is that the grip tech­nol­ogy works through sweat, rain and hu­mid con­di­tions.

The prod­uct uses an eco-friendly in­gre­di­ent de­rived from crab shell ma­te­ri­als, and Fursten­burg worked with these with the help of the the Univer­sity of Maryland’s Depart­ment of Chem­i­cal and Bi­molec­u­lar En­gi­neer­ing in the de­vel­op­ment of the Grip Boost Spray.

To learn more visit www.grip­boost.com

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