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Ex­posed beams and cathe­dral­style ceil­ings are trend­ing again.

Ex­posed beams are a re­minder of the sta­bil­ity and struc­ture of a house. Per­haps it’s this sense of ground­ing that peo­ple ap­pre­ci­ate. Per­haps it’s con­fi­dence in the struc­ture it­self that the beams in­still.

“Ex­posed beams harken back to a sim­pler time, when build­ings were more sturdy,” says Al Gi­aquinto, founder of Plum Builders (43 Pantigo Road, East Hamp­ton, 631-3291300;

But in ad­di­tion to their util­i­tar­ian func­tion, ex­posed beams are a de­cid­edly aes­thetic choice. Par­tic­u­larly in the wide-open great rooms that have be­come a gath­er­ing place in so many Hamp­tons homes, ex­posed beams seem more like ac­cents than nec­es­sary load­bear­ing fea­tures.

“Beams bring fo­cal points and drama to a house,” says Gary Deper­sia (51 Main St., East Hamp­ton, 631-8990215; cor­co­, a li­censed real es­tate bro­ker with Cor­co­ran. Deper­sia rep­re­sents both his­tor­i­cal and mod­ern houses that make use of ex­posed beams for de­sign and func­tion. In either case, he says, they have an ef­fect. Cor­co­ran bro­ker Michael Schultz (51 Main St., East Hamp­ton, 631-8990254; cor­co­ agrees. “Ex­posed wooden sup­port beams cre­ate sur­face in­ter­est in a ceil­ing com­pared to sheet rock,” he says.

Bro­ker Raphael Avig­dor (70 Jobs Lane, Southamp­ton, 631-2042740; el­li­, of the Avig­dor/pey­ton Team at Dou­glas El­li­man, notes that ex­posed beams can give a home a dis­tinct per­son­al­ity. In one Bridge­hamp­ton res­i­dence ( SEE SIDE­BAR), this is es­pe­cially true. “What makes this home most in­ter­est­ing is its char­ac­ter,” says Avig­dor. “Al­most every room boasts ex­posed wood beams that tra­verse the ceil­ings, giv­ing the home a barn feel­ing that is any­thing but cookie-cut­ter.” — e.j.w.

CLOCK­WISE FROM LEFT: La Grange in East Hamp­ton, a Mod­ern Barn by Plum Builders; barn-style liv­ing at 544 Hedges Lane, listed by Gary 'eper­sia; the great room at 490 Hedges Lane, also listed with 'eper­sia.

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