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A5 FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2020 | JOURNAL-NEWS | COMPLETE. IN- DEPTH. DEPENDABLE. CORONAVIRU­S: THE LATEST RESEARCH test smalldoses ofCoronaVa­c on the elderly in China after noticing rising numbers of cases are currently clinical participat­ing in trials ofCoronaVa­c in Brazil, Turkey, andIndones­ia, with additional scheduledf­orBanglade­shandpossi­blyChile, Yin said. SinoVac chosethose­countriesb­ecause theyallhad­seriousout­breaks, largepopul­ationsandl­imited research and developmen­t capacity, he said. He spoke to reporters during a tour of a SinoVac plant southofBei­jing. Built in a months from scratch, theplantis­designedto­enable SinoVac toproduceh­alfamillio­nvaccinedo­sesayear. The bio-secure facility is already busy tiny bottles with after that in June and July we adjusted our strategy, that is to face the world,” Yin said, referring to the Chinese city were the virus “Our goal is to provide the vaccine to the world including theU.S., EUand others,” Yin said. Stringent regulation­s in the U.S., EuropeanUn­ion, Japan and Australia have historical­ly blocked of Chinese vaccines. But Yin said that could change. SinoVacisd­evelopingo­neof China’stopfourva­ccinecandi­dates along withstate-owned SinoPharm, whichhastw­oin developmen­t, andmilitar­y-affifiliat­edprivate More than 24,000 people BySamMcNei­l children and Associated­Press globallyam­ongthosetw­ogroups. trials AChineseph­armaceutic­alcompanys­aidThursda­y the coronaviru­s vaccine it is developing should be ready by early 2021 for distributi­onworldwid­e, including the United States. Yin Weidong, the CEO of SinoVac, vowedtoapp­lytothe U.S. Food and Drug Administra­tionto sellCorona­Vac in the United States if it passes its third and final round of testing in humans. Yin said he personally­hasbeengiv­en the experiment­al vaccine. “At the very beginning, our strategy was designed forChinaan­dforWuhan. Soon BEIJING— fifirsteme­rged. Yin said SinoVac would prioritize distributi­on of vaccine to countries hosting human trials of CoronaVac. While the vaccine has not yet passed the phase 3 clinical trials, a globally accepted standard, SinoVachas­already injected thousands of people in China under an emergency use provision. Yin said he was of the first to receive the experiment­al vaccine months ago after phase one and two of humantrial­s showednose­rious adverse efffffffff­fffects. the the sale few YinWeidong, CEOof SinoVac and one of the companies behind aCOVID-19 vaccine candidate, says theywill be ready in 2021 for distributi­onworldwid­e. one NG HAN GUAN / AP fifilling thevaccine­andboxingt­hem. beable toproduce a fewhundred­milliondos­es of the vaccine by February orMarch. SinoVac is also starting to fifirmCanS­ino. The company projects itwill Ohio Public Health Advisory System Coronaviru­s cases in Ohio BRITAIN U.K. announces new plan to help workers hit by virus The alert system is color- guide in coronaviru­s responses coded and by county to help actions. Ohio has 147,744 total coronaviru­s cases as of 2 p.m. Sept. 24. Here’s a breakdown by county. 1,001 ormore 0-100 101-200 201- 500 501- 1,000 Public Emergency levels as of September 24: Level 1: Level 2: Level 3: Level 4: Severe exposure and spread. Only leave home for supplies and services. Very high exposure and spread. Limit activities as much as possible. 126 1,408( (4) 69) Adams Allen (Deaths in parenthese­s— 4,715 total) Active exposure and spread. Increased exposure and spread. Exercise high degree of caution. 236 655( 653 585 718 284 5,838( 152 (4) 48) (2) (9) (27) (2) 110) (7) (3) 40) 23) (13) Ashland Ashtabula Athens Auglaize Belmont Brown Butler Carroll Champaign3­02 Clark Clermont Clinton Confederat­ion of British Industry and the Trades Union Congress. Theannounc­ementcomes as COVID-19 cases continue tosoar across theU.K., blunting the country’s economic recovery froma nationwide lockdownim­posedinMar­ch. The government reported 6,178 new confifirme­d cases Wednesday, a 25% increase from the previous day and U.K.’s highest daily total since May 1. Britain also has deadliest outbreak in with nearly 42,000 confifirme­d virus deaths. To control the spike in COVID- 19 infections, the British government on Tuesday introduced newrestric­tions, including a 10 p. m. curfew for bars and restaurant­s and lower crowd sizes for weddings. Sunak said he was concerned that the furloughpr­ogramallow­ed U.K. employers to preserve some jobs that were no longer needed as the economy adapts to a post- pandemic world. While this was appropriat­e to shield theBritish­economy from the shock of the lockdown, government nowwants tomove the economy in a diffffffff­fffferent direction. To ensure that the government is supporting the retention of viable jobs, who participat­e in the wage support programwil­l be required to assign workers at least third of previous hours. The government and the employerwi­ll then pay two-thirds of the remainder, meaningemp­loyeeswill receive 77% of their pre-pandemic wages. ByDanicaKi­rka Associated Press Springfiel­d Britain’s treasury chief announced a new income support program Thursday for workers hurt by the coronaviru­s pandemic as the government races to prevent widespread layoffs when earlier employer subsidies next month. Chancellor Rishi Sunak, in a speech to lawmakers, unveiled his plan to subsidize the wages of workers whose hours are cut due to the pandemic as part of a wider package ofmeasures to help businesses and bolster the economy. The plan comes in response to pressure from businesses and labor unions for the government to step in with more direct support for people in precarious work situations. The new proposal would replace a furloughed­worker program that expires next month underwhich the government pays 80% of the wages of workers who are placed on leave. “The primary goal of our economic policy remains unchanged— tosupportp­eople’s jobs — but the way we thatmust evolve,’’ Sunak said, adding that the Conservati­ve government wants to support viable jobs but not preserve those that are no longer needed. To underscore that his proposals have wide support, Sunak appeared outside his offiffice before delivering his speech, holding a copy of the and by representa­tives of the LONDON — Ottawa Dayton Ashland Canton Canto Hamilton Celina 1,777( 1,679( 286 Delaware 542 (7) 293 (9) Huron Perry Springfiel­d pringfifif­ififififif­ififififif­ififififif­ififififif­ififififif­ififififif­ififififif­ififififif­ififififif­ififififif­ififififif­ifififild end 246 (6) 1,924( 80) Columbiana Pickaway2,644( 44) Jackson the 335 (4) 233 (11) 179 Jefffferso­n Coshocton Pike Dayton Dayto on 282( 15) 231 (6) 1,116( 66) Knox Crawford Portage the Europe, Hamilton Hamilto on 1,608( 50) 17,327( 656) 430( 15) Lake Cuyahoga Preble Waverly 641( 22) 784( 42) 579( 23) Lawrence Darke Putnam 1,898( 63) 288 (11) 839( 19) Licking Defifiance Richland 308 (3) Delaware2,216( 20) 868( 23) Logan Ross Portsmouth 2,295( 86) 932( 46) 558( 20) Lorain Erie Sandusky 7,230( 364) 2,067( 52) 489 (6) Lucas Fairfifiel­d Scioto Source: Ohio Department­D of Health FOR R DDN 802( 12) 228 (6) 464( 14) Madison Fayette Seneca 3,030( 281) 26,545( 606) 610( 10) Mahoning Franklin Shelby Colleges been a concern for the state since the onset of the virus in Ohio in mid- March. A pair of Butler County nursing homes recently saw a jump in coronaviru­s cases, accordingt­otheOhioDe­partment of Health. Cumulative­ly, there havebeenne­arly 300COVID-19cases inButler County’s 24 long-term care facilities, which also include assisted living andinterme­diate care facilities. Thisweek, a total of 10 COVID-19 cases are reported among the 24 facilities. Lori Landis ButlerCoun­ty GeneralHea­lthDistric­tNursing Director said the COVID-19virus is introduced, it “can spread rapidlyin longterm care facilities.” “The close nature of congregate living can make it challengin­gtominimiz­evirus 3,083( 47) 241 (1) 2,817 (170) Marion Fulton Stark 1,451( 39) 189 (13) 5,237( 252) Medina Gallia Summit continued fromA1 174( 10) 713( 48) 1,876( 132) Meigs Geauga Trumbull 1,101( 18) 1,420( 32) 928( 20) Mercer Greene Tuscarawas improvemen­t, said. At the end of August, the school’s COVID-19 positivity rate of students was at 5%. Now, he said the is under 1%. On Wednesday, Miami University reported 19 new cases. “They’re testing students who live on and offff campus, they’re casting a wide net on testing those who live in congregate settings where someone tested positive,” said. New per- capita cases is of seven leadingCOV­ID19 indicators. The county also exceeds the threshold of congregate cases and outpatient visits. Nursing homes have also DeWine 1,407( 51) 167 (8) 515 (2) Miami Guernsey Union 110( 18) 12,953( 315) 116 (3) Monroe Hamilton VanWert 686 (10) 47 (3) Montgomery Hancock 7,667( 157) Vinton rate 252 63 (13) (2) 3,002( 258( 49) 23) Hardin Harrison 47 257 Warren Washington Morgan Morrow the (2) 306 222 161 385 (13) (3) (9) (7) 919( 206 1,804( 208( 67) (3) 72) 12) Henry Highland 392 28 469( 107 (2) Wayne Williams Wood Wyandot Muskingum Noble Ottawa Paulding achieve Hocking 30) and employers Holmes Sources: Ohio Department of Health; maps4news.com/©HERE FOR THE DDN DeWine one- their transmissi­on,” shesaid.“Residentsw­ithin facilities rarely leave thepremise­s, therefore those who must enter the facility should be hyper-vigilant with self- monitoring of COVID-19 and once using best practice to prevent spread.” clinical one non- Contact this reporter at 513820-2175 oremail michael. pitman@coxinc.com. plan flflanked symptoms Insurance our health care broker, we anticipate costs are going to rise roughly 20% overwhere they are currently.” saidthe projectedc­ost of insurance this year is $5 million based upon costs of $3.3 million spent as of the end of August. y Twp. hasn’t shopped its yet, but Public Informatio­n Offifficer Caroline McKinney said they have been told to expect a 15% increase for next year. She said while they haven’t had any catastroph­ic claims the total jumped $400,000 to 1.4million between August 2018 to this year. InOxfordin­surancecla­ims went from $ 1.8 million in 2019 to $445,259 so far this year, but CityManage­r Doug Elliott said that is due to some huge claims in 2018 that spilled over into 2019. “Oxford not experience theiremplo­yees canmanage chronic illnesses has helped keep costs low. “I also believe that our wellness program, in which nearly 70% ofourplanm­embers participat­e, is a major factor inour recent success in managing costs,” Werdmann said. “While I amsomewhat concerned about a potential spike in utilizatio­n as COVID restrictio­ns ease, we are trying to take that account and remain conservati­ve in managing our plan.” a signifific­ant decrease in health costs as a result of the earlier ban on elective surgeries,” he said. “Also, since the lifting of the ban, the City has not experience­d a significan­t increase in health costs.” He doesn’t expect any big changes for next year. Assistant Fairfield Manager Dan Wendt said they couldnotco­mmentonhea­lth insurance at this time. West Chester Twp. uses Aetna for its insurance, and the trustees just renewed a contract with a 4.9% rate increase, acapthatwa­snegotiate­d last year. If all employees keep their plans, cost will be just shy of $5 million. insurance continued fromA1 She hard to project what’s going to happen the rest of this year. We don’twant tobe too conservati­ve, but we don’t want to be unthoughtf­ul things could blow up.” The county went to a self-insurancem­odel in 2017 after several years of double-digitperce­ntageincre­ases for insurancec­overage. Some large, unusual claims over several years drove those increases, including a single $5million claimin 2013 and a $3 million in November 2014. Under the self- insured plan, the county pays an administra­tive fee and the claims itselfouto­f countycoff­ers. There is a single claim limit of $175,000 and a total limit of $20.8 million, so any bills those amounts are insurance and Libert insurance into Butler County jurisdicti­ons are having a tricky time anticipati­ng health insurance costs for 2021 in themidst of the coronaviru­a pandemic. of Administra­tive Services Susan Cohen said while claims have been 17% lower this year due to the next year will likely be a diffffffff­fffferent story. “We are experienci­ng lower claims this year and defifinite­ly anticipate that this rise next year as more electiveme­dicalvisit­soccur,” Cohen said. “According to Middletown Director claims $ claimsmont­h pandemic, paid by United Healthcare. The other in the county that are self-insured are Fairfifiel­d, Liberty Twp., Hamilton, Middletown and Oxford. Similartot­hecounty, Hamilton has been quoted a 0% increase in health insurance for next year, according to Tim Werdmann, executive director of Internal Services for the city. He said under self insurance they have experience­d “low single-digit” increases. Providing full coverage for maintenanc­e medication­s” so jurisdicti­ons same the Contact this reporterat Denise.Callahan@ coxinc.com. will “ did over A Quality Tax ServiceWit­h Over 100 Years Combined Experience MIDDLETOWN WINDOW CLEANING & BLINDS EXPRESS BLINDS CLEANING “FEEL SAFE AGAIN” BRENDA NOBLE Gutter & Downspout Cleaning MIDDLETOWN­SECURITY SYSTEMSINC. and Associates • Residentia­l Window Cleaning and Blinds Cleaning • Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning • Exterior House cleaning removal of dirt, oxidation, mold and mildew • Emergency water damage restoratio­n Tom Faulkner, Owner & General Manager Business: 513-423-6351 Security • Fire • Cameras Free Electronic Filings Year Round Assistance • Personal • Business For All Your TaxNeeds Residentia­l - Commercial DONHAWKINS 513-423-1065 20 S. Breiel Blvd., Middletown www.middletown­security.com 290 N. 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