Ring-Ready Ranch Knot

Learn to tie a sim­ple, show-ready wild-rag knot in four easy steps.

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Show off that stylish scarf! Learn a sim­ple, show-ready wild- rag knot in four easy steps.

The old-made-new look has found its way into the show pen. Sim­ple throw­back-to-the- days- of- old style of dress is not just ac­cepted, but en­cour­aged in classes such as ranch rid­ing, sort­ing, and team pen­ning. Cow­boy rags have tra­di­tion­ally func­tioned as pro­tec­tors from the el­e­ments on the plain, at a cat­tle drive, or dur­ing a brand­ing. Now, with the wide va­ri­ety of fun col­ors, bright pat­terns and de­signs, and matte or ex­tra-shine sheens, you can dress up an un­der­stated show out­fit with your fa­vorite western scarf. Learn the sim­plest way to wear a wild rag to spiff up your out­fit at your next event. This pol­ished look is achiev­able in just four quick and easy steps, sim­ply Place, Wrap, Tie, and Fin­ish.

Step 1: Place

Fold the square or rec­tan­gu­lar scarf in half, meet­ing pointed side to pointed side, to cre­ate a tri­an­gu­lar shape, as shown. Cen­ter the point face down at the cen­ter of your neck, with the folded edge near­est your chin. Hold the free ends in ei­ther hand on ei­ther side of your neck. Keep­ing the tri­an­gu­lar por­tion at the front of your neck pro­vides the best dis­play of the scarf’s de­sign.

Step 2: Wrap

Next, wrap the free ends be­hind your neck and bring them back around to the front. Keep the ends smooth and flat as you wrap to en­sure a ti­dier tie and more pol­ished look. The ends should now be on ei­ther side of your neck and ready for the fi­nal tie. The tri­an­gu­lar por­tion of the scarf should also be snug against the front of your neck, be­low your chin.

Step 3: Tie

Tie the ends in a sim­ple knot (one end over the other), cen­tered be­low your chin with even tail lengths on ei­ther side of the knot. A sec­ond sim­ple knot, putting the same tail on top as you did in the first knot, will se­curely fin­ish the tie and keep the scarf in place. The fi­nal knot should now be over the top of the tri­an­gu­lar por­tion of the rag at the front of your neck.

Step 4: Fin­ish

Ad­just the scarf po­si­tion based on your style pref­er­ence to fin­ish. Dis­play the scarf at the front of your neck and tucked into your col­lar, as pic­tured, for a tra­di­tional look. Or, mix it up by fully but­ton­ing your col­lar and wear­ing the scarf on the out­side of your shirt, play­ing with scarf place­ment on your neck by mov­ing it to ei­ther side, or try­ing dif­fer­ent knot ties.

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