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Keep your chaps look­ing brand new by tak­ing care of them af­ter ev­ery ride.

Step 1:

Be­fore you put away your chaps, wipe off any dust and dirt. Leav­ing dirt on your chaps can dam­age them and even­tu­ally cause the color to fade. Keep a soft- bris­tled grooming brush— that’s only used on your chaps—in your chap bag, and use it to brush off any dirt af­ter ev­ery ride.

Step 2:

When you hang your chaps, take the out­sides of your chaps (in this case the rough leather side), and put them to­gether, leav­ing the in­side of the chap ex­posed. This pro­tects the out­side of the chaps and pre­vents sun- bleach­ing. For ul­ti­mate pro­tec­tion, store them in a chaps bag or other hang­ing bag.

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