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Slow feed­ing of for­age is an ex­cel­lent way to curb equine bore­dom and ner­vous­ness while re­duc­ing the in­ci­dence of ul­cers. With the Savvy Feeder®, horses can pull only small amounts of hay through a move­able grate. This keeps them calm and oc­cu­pied with­out wast­ing hay or cre­at­ing the mess com­mon with ground feed­ing and tra­di­tional feed­ers.

Crafted from safe, durable poly­eth­yl­ene with built-in drainage to help pre­vent hay spoilage, this ver­sa­tile feeder is de­signed to give years of use, whether in­doors or out­doors. It holds two to 22 pounds of hay and is light enough to move around and even tote to a show. No mat­ter how fine or how coarse your hay, three grate sizes have you cov­ered.

Horses are said to eat four to 10 times slower from the Savvy Feeder® than from the ground, with less risk of ingest­ing sand and de­bris, which can cause colic. They also main­tain a nat­u­ral head-down po­si­tion with the jaw in cor­rect align­ment, re­duc­ing the like­li­hood of choke, gut­tural pouch in­fec­tions, and res­pi­ra­tory is­sues.

Avail­able in sev­eral colors and with an op­tional plate for en­grav­ing, the Savvy Feeder® comes with a 30-day, no-ques­tions-asked guar­an­tee.; (701) 793-SAVY

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