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Re­gard­ing “In­ac­tion on gun laws is not the NRA’s fault” (Page A15, Fri­day) and “Guns, pol­i­tics and hunt­ing” let­ters (Page A14, Fri­day), which are all com­men­taries about the lat­est mass shoot­ing in Suther­land Springs. Yes, we had an­other mass shoot­ing which, in my opin­ion, could not have been pre­vented. In­no­cent peo­ple again lost their lives for no ap­par­ent rea­son.

Some writ­ers want more gun con­trol and oth­ers ar­gue against it. It is now es­ti­mated that there are be­tween 5 mil­lion and 8 mil­lion as­sault ri­fles in our so­ci­ety. More gun con­trol would not be able to take all of these weapons out of our so­ci­ety. It would be like clos­ing the barn door after the cows have al­ready gone out.

Oth­ers ar­gue that any type of gun con­trol vi­o­lates the Sec­ond Amend­ment so our law en­force­ment can not re­strict those on ter­ror lists, with men­tal prob­lems or even crim­i­nals from pur­chas­ing weapons (the crim­i­nals can pur­chase firearms at gun shows with­out any back­ground check).

How­ever, the telling thing to me out of all of these ar­gu­ments is the to­tal con­trol that a lobby can have on our gov­ern­ment legislators. It is a very true ex­am­ple that our legislators can be bought and paid for by lob­by­ists. This is the scary thing to me, and no one seems con­cerned about it.

Jose Ro­driquez, Huntsville

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