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In read­ing the many ar­ti­cles re­gard­ing the re­cent mass shoot­ings and the many ar­ti­cles re­gard­ing the dam­age caused by Hur­ri­cane Har­vey, I couldn’t help but fo­cus on the strange sim­i­lar­ity.

First, the im­me­di­ate hys­te­ria, then the call for a so­lu­tion to pre­vent a re­cur­rence, then the to­tal lack of any ac­tion to ad­dress the next such hap­pen­ing.

In the case of the mass mur­ders, there are calls for more stri­dent mea­sures to con­trol just who can buy guns, more at­ten­tion to those with men­tal dis­or­ders, bans on cer­tain kinds of guns, etc.

In the case of Har­ris County and sur­round­ing area flood­ing, there are calls for more reser­voirs, stricter build­ing stan­dards, dredged bay­ous and creeks and on and on.

Although the shoot­ings and the flood­ing are starkly dis­sim­i­lar in na­ture, the sim­i­lar­ity comes about in that in both sit­u­a­tions, noth­ing has been done in the way of even an at­tempt to stave off the next such hap­pen­ing. Lots of com­mit­tees, meet­ings, etc., but no di­rect ac­tions.

How many of these dis­as­ters does it take to get the au­thor­i­ties in power to act? When will some­thing be done be­cause it is the right thing to do even though that ac­tion may be con­trary to the wishes of the lob­by­ists sup­port­ing no fur­ther re­stric­tions? I am afraid that the old say­ing of “fol­low the money” is well ex­em­pli­fied here.

Jim Put­nam, Cy­press

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