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Re­gard­ing “A child pres­i­dent sits in the Oval Of­fice” (Page A11, Jan. 8), Kath­leen Parker’s col­umn on Pres­i­dent Don­ald Trump’s per­son­al­ity com­pletely misses the mark. Trump has the per­son­al­ity of short-lived Ro­man Em­peror Otho (69 AD) who bought the em­per­or­ship. If Parker had a bit more back­ground in Ro­man his­tory, she would prob­a­bly also note the sim­i­lar­i­ties of Hil­lary Clin­ton to Em­press Livia (Au­gus­tus Cae­sar’s wife). Livia was known for her ma­nip­u­la­tion of the po­lit­i­cal pro­cesses in Rome.

In ei­ther case, Parker’s col­umn misses the point that we the peo­ple have ac­qui­esced to a Ro­man-style repub­lic that has been cor­rupted by money, power mon­ger­ing and po­lit­i­cal ma­nip­u­la­tion.

The Con­sti­tu­tion of the United States was writ­ten with the un­der­ly­ing tenet that the Amer­i­can repub­lic should not rel­e­gate it­self into a Ro­man sys­tem where power bro­kers and money de­ter­mined lead­er­ship. Un­for­tu­nately, the Repub­li­can and Demo­cratic par­ties have co-opted the Con­sti­tu­tion and cir­cum­vented this fun­da­men­tal tenet that lead­er­ship and gov­er­nance should be by merit (hence the rea­son for the Elec­toral Col­lege). James A. Babb, Friendswood

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