Mu­sic that Runs Mil­len­nia Deep

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“I was over­whelmed. My en­tire body was trem­bling—but in a very lov­ing way. I felt very joy­ful. It was beau­ti­ful, it was heal­ing.” —Elisa Brown, renowned so­prano “Her voice was so ethe­real... Pow­er­ful, mar­velous so­prano.” —Lee Meri­wether & Mar­shall Bor­den

Mu­sic is such a big part of ev­ery Shen Yun per­for­mance—from the live orches­tra that ac­com­pa­nies each dance to the vo­cal and in­stru­men­tal so­los on stage. Shen Yun’s orches­tra is one of a kind, har­mo­niously blend­ing the dis­tinct beauty of an­cient Chi­nese in­stru­ments with the grandeur of a Western orches­tra. The re­sult is a vivid sound with great emo­tional range—per­fect for bring­ing to life the soul of an an­cient civ­i­liza­tion.

ERHU The erhu has a his­tory of over 4,000 years. Al­though it has only two strings, in the hands of a vir­tu­oso it can fill the air with ten­der­ness, sor­row, or joy—hold­ing the au­di­ence spell­bound.

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