1350 BC

The day Akhen­aten ban­ishes the gods of Egypt

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From one day to the next, hun­dreds of gods are ex­iled. Around 1,350 years be­fore the birth of Christ, the Pharaoh Akhen­aten and his queen, Ne­fer­titi, raise Aton to the sta­tus of the only god of Egypt. The tem­ples of the an­cient gods are closed and the priests are all re­moved from power. Only faith in Aton is per­mit­ted, as wor­ship of any other gods is ex­pressly pro­hib­ited. “This prob­a­bly makes Akhen­aten the first per­son to try to in­sti­tute a far-reach­ing and strict monothe­ism,” says Egyp­tol­o­gist Erik Hor­nung. How­ever, after Akhen­aten’s death the prior reli­gious con­di­tions are re­stored. But the idea— once planted in the me­mory of mankind— lives on.

When a tem­ple rev­o­lu­tion com­mands the be­lief in a sin­gle god When ter­ror­ism is ex­ported around the world

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