The day the Bi­ble is re­futed

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I “t’s like con­fess­ing to a mur­der,” writes Charles Dar­win just be­fore pub­li­ca­tion of On the Ori­gin of Species— a book that turns the whole world up­side down in 1859. Dar­win’s weapons are sci­en­tific the­o­ries— his vic­tim is none other than God Him­self. Dar­win holds back his work for more than 20 years and only pub­lishes it when he has enough ra­tio­nal ev­i­dence. Which he does: While the Church still preaches that hu­mans have no re­la­tion to an­i­mals, Dar­win’s the­ory of evo­lu­tion pro­poses the cre­ation of species through mu­ta­tion and nat­u­ral se­lec­tion as well as the de­scent of hu­mans from apes. Dar­win robs re­li­gion of its au­thor­ity on one of the most im­por­tant questions of all time: Whence did hu­mankind come— and whither will we go from here?

NOVEM­BER 24, 1859 SEPTEM­BER 28, 1928 When a fun­gus gives hope to hu­man­ity

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