How do you build but­ter­flies?

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These look like but­ter­flies with blue wings, but they’re ac­tu­ally small ro­bots. The machines are called emo­tion but­ter­flies, and they can stay in the air for up to four min­utes at a time. Engi­neers were able to build them by pre­cisely mim­ick­ing the nat­u­ral move­ment se­quences of real but­ter­flies. Small in­frared cam­eras en­able them to fly around one another with­out col­lid­ing. The robo-in­sects rep­re­sent a tech­ni­cal break­through that could rev­o­lu­tion­ize the con­trol sys­tems in fac­to­ries with net­worked machines and mon­i­tor­ing sys­tems.

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