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Who will be the first player to reach 100? James and Mike al­ter­nately call out a num­ber be­tween 1 and 9. These num­bers are added se­quen­tially. For ex­am­ple, James says “3” and then Mike says “6,” which when added yield 9. Then James says “5,” which brings the

Wie wird Honig bunt? to­tal up to 14, and so on as the two take turns. Who­ever reaches the num­ber 100 first wins. How can James make sure he’s the win­ner?

Solution from the April 2016 is­sue: It would not be a wise choice to ac­cept the wa­ger. The rea­son: Bran­don would not ac­tu­ally pay Chris the $100, after hav­ing en­snared him in a $50 con. In­stead, Bran­don would keep the $50 that Chris put up, lose the bet on pur­pose, and pay Chris $10 for hav­ing lost the bet to him. Bot­tom line: Bran­don comes out ahead with a gain of $40, while Chris comes out of the bet with a $40 loss. PHOTOS: T. Sturm/ Cabrillo Col­lege; Getty Images; Randi Ang; Cor­bis; PR (2). IL­LUS­TRA­TIONS: Gra­ham Mur­doch; Getty Images.

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