How big is the big­gest in­sect on Earth?

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Phry­gan­is­tria chi­nen­sis Zhao is a stick in­sect or walk­ing stick, and it is the big­gest in­sect in the world. It was dis­cov­ered in China three years ago and is over 2 feet long (24.5 inches), which surpasses the size of the pre­vi­ous record holder— a walk­ing stick of the Phobaeti­cus chani species of Malaysia— by 2.3 inches. The walk­ing sticks only eat plants. They pro­tect them­selves from preda­tors by vis­ually merg­ing into their sur­round­ings: They cam­ou­flage them­selves as dead branches thanks to their body shape and col­oration.

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