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Kim’s Hu­mil­i­a­tion

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They hardly looked like a hap­pily mar­ried cou­ple. Wear­ing a black choker, over­size shades and a big frown on her face, Kim Kar­dashian walked sev­eral steps ahead of hus­band Kanye West as they took their daugh­ter, North, 2, to the LA County Mu­seum of Art on April 2. “[Her sis­ter and niece] Kourt­ney and Pene­lope joined them, and the kids were hav­ing a good time. But not Kim and Kanye,” says an eye­wit­ness. “There was no in­ter­ac­tion be­tween the two un­less the child was in­volved.” The rift be­tween them is wider than ever. Nearly two years after they said “I do” in an over-the-top cer­e­mony in Florence, Italy, Kim and Kanye’s mar­riage is over — and he’s con­sult­ing with his lawyers about fi ling di­vorce pa­pers. “Kanye has had enough, and he is go­ing to dump her on their sec­ond an­niver­sary in May,” a source close to the cou­ple ex­clu­sively tells In Touch. “Kim will be mor­ti­fied; it will be the ul­ti­mate hu­mili- ation for her. There’s no turn­ing back now.”

The mar­riage has been a sham from the start. Mul­ti­ple in­sid­ers tell In Touch that Kim, 35, mar­ried Kanye, 38, to el­e­vate her sta­tus in Hol­ly­wood. “She wanted to be part of a power cou­ple,” says a Kar­dashian in­sider. “She wanted to be the next Bey­oncé and Jay Z. Kanye al­ways viewed Kim as the prize and he also wanted kids. He got both, so now he’s done.”

A new book is also blow­ing the lid off their fake mar­riage. Ian Halperin, au­thor of Kar­dashian Dy­nasty (out April 19), says Kim’s mother, Kris Jen­ner, 60, played a big role in or­ches­trat­ing the union. She went into panic mode in 2011 when Kim’s mar­riage to NBA player Kris Humphries, 31, ended after just 72 days and the Kar­dashian brand was tar­nished by ac­cu­sa­tions of fraud. “De­ter­mined to quash the ru­mors,” claims Halperin, “Kris called an emer­gency fam­ily meet­ing and it was de­cided that the best way to turn things around was … to bring in a big celebrity name as a new love in­ter­est for Kim.”

En­ter Kanye. “Not only was Kanye West hip-hop roy­alty and a gen­uine A-lis­ter, he was will­ing, hav­ing lost his mother and man­ager, Donda, who had died on the op­er­at­ing ta­ble dur­ing a botched li­po­suc-

Kim Kar­dashian braces for di­vorce No. 3 as Kanye West says he’s done

tion op­er­a­tion,” con­tin­ues Halperin, not­ing that the Kar­dashian fam­ily filled a void for the rap­per. Halperin adds that Kanye “had other rea­sons for join­ing the sideshow: He wanted chil­dren and had been dogged for years by spu­ri­ous al­le­ga­tions that he was ei­ther gay or bi­sex­ual. The mar­riage cer­tainly boosted the [Kar­dashi­ans’ TV] rat­ings once again. Not that all is well: Sources say the pair now fight like cats and dogs and both have been ‘re­think­ing their po­si­tion.’ It looks as though it is a mat­ter of time be­fore they call it quits.”

It is. Kim won’t be blind­sided when Kanye dumps her, ei­ther. “She’s known the mar­riage has been over for a long time,” says the Kar­dashian in­sider. (A rep for Kim de­nies the story.) In Novem­ber 2014, she was even spot­ted tak­ing a meet­ing with high- pow­ered celebrity di­vorce lawyer Laura Wasser. “But Kim was afraid to pull the trig­ger,” says the in­sider. “The last thing she wants is to suf­fer the hu­mil­i­a­tion of an­other failed mar­riage. This would be her third di­vorce! And Kanye has given her the sta­tus she’s al­ways wanted in Hol­ly­wood, de­spite all his er­ratic be­hav­ior and dis­turb­ing Twit­ter rants. There is ab­so­lutely no way Kim would have mar­ried Kanye if there wasn’t some­thing in it for her. She is a very shrewd busi­ness­woman, just like Kris.”

She is so cun­ning, she even re­fuses to fi­nan­cially bail out Kanye, who’s $53 mil­lion in debt. “It’s pushed him over the edge,” says a Kar­dashian source. “There is no rea­son why Kim shouldn’t be able to as­sist Kanye. But she keeps her wealth all to her­self. Ev­ery­thing is sep­a­rate with them.” A source who knows Kim and Kanye echoes that sen­ti­ment in Halperin’s book, telling the au­thor, “They got mar­ried with some sort of agree­ment to have kids to­gether but to lead sep­a­rate lives.”

They haven’t even lived to­gether since they mar­ried. “They bought a house in Bel Air but im­me­di­ately started to ren­o­vate it and moved into Kris’ house,” says

This il­lu­sion of Kim and Kanye’s happy mar­riage is as fake as Keep­ing Up With the Kar­dashi­ans.” — A KAR­DASHIAN IN­SIDER

the Kar­dashian in­sider. “But Kanye never stayed there. He would stay at his house in the Hol­ly­wood Hills. Then they bought an­other house, in Hid­den Hills, but they also didn’t move into that. They de­cided to ren­o­vate that house, too.”

It’s led to non­stop fight­ing. “Kanye can’t make up his mind about any­thing and keeps chang­ing ev­ery­thing,” says the Kar­dashian in­sider. “The fights over that house have been epic be­cause they can’t agree on any­thing. Kanye likes a very mod­ern, sleek look, and Kim is more into shabby chic. The mas­ter bed­room was com­pletely fin­ished, but Kanye de­cided he didn’t like the stain used on the floor, so ev­ery­thing had to be ripped out.” Their lat­est ad­di­tion? “Now they’re build­ing a back­yard lake,” adds the Kar­dashian source. “It’s truly ridicu­lous, es­pe­cially since there is no mar­riage. It’s ob­vi­ous to their friends that all the work — on both houses — is re­ally just a dis­trac­tion and an ex­cuse not to live alone to­gether.”

While Kanye is ready­ing to dump Kim, she is dis­tanc­ing her­self from him more than ever. “The fam­ily brand has been hurt by him with his crazy rants on so­cial me­dia,” claims the Kar­dashian in­sider. “Get­ting in the pub­lic spat with [ his sis­ter-in-law] Kylie over an en­dorse­ment deal [with Puma] was the nail in the cof­fin for Kim. Kanye con­stantly re­minds Kim that with­out him she wouldn’t have been ac­cepted in the fash­ion world, and that makes her so an­gry. After Kim got out of the dis­as­trous mar­riage and di­vorce with Kris, she knew Kanye would be able to take her to the next level for her ca­reer. But now he’s a li­a­bil­ity.”

Kim can’t take how Kanye has been harp­ing on her weight, and thinks his com­ments are cruel taunts. “It’s been a sore spot ever since Saint’s birth [in De­cem­ber],” says the Kar­dashian in­sider. “He doesn’t think she’s los­ing the baby weight fast enough. Kim is try­ing hard but blames it on the stress — which is mostly brought on by Kanye. He keeps re­mind­ing her that [ Vogue ed­i­tor] Anna Win­tour’s Met Gala is com­ing up the first week of May. Kim has said that if she hasn’t lost the weight by then, she won’t go.”

It’s their sec­ond an­niver­sary just three weeks after the Met Gala, and then they will be done. “Kanye not only wants to end the mar­riage,” says the source close to the feud­ing cou­ple, “but he plans on go­ing for cus­tody of their two chil­dren. He wants to take them to Paris, where he has a home, for half the year. He’s told Kim as much, too, and even said he has enough dirt on her to en­sure the le­gal sys­tem would be le­nient to­ward him when it came to cus­tody.”

It’s go­ing to get ugly. “Kanye knows all of Kim’s se­crets, but she knows his, too,” says the source. “It’s ironic: They each went into this think­ing they were go­ing to get ex­actly what they wanted — and to an ex­tent they did — but then it all back­fired, big-time. His de­ci­sion to dump her is go­ing to sting. Kim has been hu­mil­i­ated many times in the past, but noth­ing will top this. I don’t know if she will ever re­cover from it.” ◼

IT’S OVER! Kim and Kanye (with Kourt­ney, 36, Pene­lope, 3, and North in LA on April 2) “are at the point of no re­turn,” says a source close to the pair. “Kanye wants to take North [pic­tured] and Saint to Paris,” says a source close to the rap­per.

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