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It was the last thing she ex­pected. Af­ter Jennifer Anis­ton’s mother, Nancy Dow, died on May 25, Jen re­ceived con­do­lences from one of the few peo­ple in the world who un­der­stood her com­pli­cated re­la­tion­ship with her mom: her ex-hus­band, Brad Pitt. Jen and her mother had been es­tranged since 1999, and Brad had urged them, un­suc­cess­fully, to put aside their dif­fer­ences when he and Jen mar­ried a year later. So, “When Brad heard that Nancy had passed away, he didn’t hes­i­tate to reach out and com­fort Jen in her time of need,” an in­sider ex­clu­sively tells In Touch. “He sent a note of sym­pa­thy ex­press­ing how sorry he was about Nancy’s pass­ing, adding that he was think­ing of Jen and her late mother.” Jen was so touched by Brad’s let­ter, “She even cried a lit­tle over it,” says the in­sider. “And she sent him a note back thank­ing him and wish­ing him well.” They’re go­ing to have a lot more to talk about in the com­ing months. In Touch has ex­clu­sively learned that in a star­tling twist of fate, Brad’s nearly

Jennifer Anis­ton’s mar­riage to Justin Th­er­oux im­plodes just as ex-hus­band Brad Pitt and An­gelina Jolie are end­ing things

two-year mar­riage to An­gelina Jolie is crum­bling at the same time as Jen’s 10-month mar­riage to Justin Th­er­oux is fall­ing apart. Both re­la­tion­ships are headed to­ward di­vorce, in­sid­ers say. “Brad and An­gelina are com­pletely in di­vorce mode and at a point where they barely speak to each other un­less it’s about the kids,” re­veals a friend of the cou­ple. And while Justin has been pub­licly sup­port­ive of Jen in the wake of her mom’s death — he ac­com­pa­nied her to Nancy’s memo­rial ser­vice on May 27 — “The truth is, they’re both fronting for a doomed mar­riage,” says a pal. “It’s over.”

Jen and Justin view mar­riage dif­fer­ently, and that poi­soned the re­la­tion­ship. “Justin was just never meant to be a mar­ried man,” says the pal, not­ing that their en­gage­ment dragged on for three years be­fore they fi­nally wed in their back­yard last Au­gust. (Justin dated his ex, Heidi Bivens, for a whop­ping 14 years with­out ty­ing the knot.) Since mar­ry­ing, “They’ve spent far more time apart than they have to­gether, and Justin prefers it that way. He’s fine with Skyp­ing and call­ing from sets when he’s work­ing, but Jennifer isn’t.”

Their prob­lems grew worse in May. That’s when Justin, 44, left to shoot the fi­nal sea­son of his HBO show The Left­overs and broke the news to Jen, 47, that only a small por­tion would be shot in Austin, Texas, with pro­duc­tion then mov­ing 9,000 miles away to Aus­tralia for the sum­mer. “When he told her he would most likely miss their first an­niver­sary be­cause of it, Jen lost it,” says the pal.

“She railed at Justin, telling him he didn’t take their mar­riage se­ri­ously and that he was ne­glect­ing their re­la­tion­ship for his ca­reer.” Justin didn’t see a rea­son to apol­o­gize.

Jen cringes at the thought of end­ing their union, but she’s heart­bro­ken and des­per­ately un­happy. “It’s es­pe­cially hard to reach Justin when he’s work­ing,” notes the pal. And when he’s not on set, “He’d rather hang out with his bud­dies in NYC or go on road trips with pals dur­ing his down­time than be with Jen.” She’d hoped this would be the year they fi­nally had a child, ei­ther by adop­tion or sur­ro­gate. In­stead, “Justin’s non­cha­lance to­ward her and their re­la­tion­ship has tor­pe­doed the mar­riage,” the pal says. Be­tween her de­te­ri­o­rat­ing re­la­tion­ship with Justin and the death of her mother, “Jen’s in the worst emo­tional tail­spin of her life. And now she has to con­tem­plate the hu­mil­i­a­tion of a sec­ond big di­vorce in the pub­lic eye.”

She won’t be the only one. Af­ter 11 years and six kids to­gether, Brad and An­gelina — who fell in love while he was still mar­ried to Jen — are strug­gling to stay con­nected. “When they do talk,” says their friend, “it usu­ally erupts into an ar­gu­ment over her con­trol­ling ways, his wor­ries about her weight loss and health, or her jeal­ousy over his two stun­ning co-stars [in the up­com­ing World

War II epic Al­lied, Mar­ion Cotil­lard and Lizzy Ca­plan].” Over the years, the friend notes, An­gelina’s inse­cu­ri­ties about Brad, 52, and other beau­ti­ful women have grown, and it’s a con­stant source of ten­sion be­tween them now. Although Brad joined the fam­ily for daugh­ter Shiloh’s 10th birth­day in LA in late May, “He and An­gelina used to be glued at the hip, but they haven’t spent alone time to­gether since midApril, when they tried to re­vive their ro­mance with an overnight date at a Lon­don ho­tel.”

Lately, they’ve been liv­ing al­most en­tirely sep­a­rate lives. One week af­ter An­gelina, 41, was glar­ingly ab­sent on Brad’s big night at the Golden Globes in Jan­uary, he skipped her Kung Fu Panda 3 pre­miere in Hol­ly­wood. More re­cently, in late May, Brad was on Spain’s Gran Ca­naria is­land shoot­ing ro­man­tic scenes with Mar­ion while An­gelina

‘‘ The re­cent com­mu­ni­ca­tion be­tween Brad and Jen opened the door to a new pe­riod of open­ness be­tween the exes.”


was in LA with the kids. And when they were both liv­ing in their rented Lon­don home this win­ter, “Brad would go to the set of Al­lied early just to avoid fight­ing with her,” says their friend. “He took to stay­ing late af­ter pro­duc­tion wrapped, too, be­cause he sim­ply didn’t want to face another night of clash­ing with his wife.”

But Brad and Angie are de­ter­mined not to dis­rupt their chil­dren’s lives.“Their great­est con­cern,” says their friend, “will be cus­tody and qual­ity time with the kids [Mad­dox, 14, Pax, 12, Za­hara, 11, Shiloh and twins Knox and Vivi­enne, 7]. They’re in­tent on keep­ing a happy fam­ily, even if they will be liv­ing apart.” They own so many prop­er­ties across the world, they plan to sim­ply take turns us­ing them. “They’ll just al­ter­nate res­i­dences when they take dif­fer­ent con­fig­u­ra­tions of the kids for dif­fer­ent pe­ri­ods of time,” ex­plains their friend.

Their sum­mer liv­ing sit­u­a­tion will set the pat­tern for the fu­ture. “Right now the plan is for An­gelina to spend the bulk of the time in LA with Shiloh, Za­hara and Pax, who will be at­tend­ing day camp, and for Brad to be in Lon­don, most likely with Mad­dox and the twins, as he be­gins pro­duc­tion on World War Z 2,” ex­plains their friend. “The whole fam­ily will come to­gether from time to time, too. They are de­ter­mined to play the hap­pi­est fam­ily in the world where it con­cerns the kids.” They will do what­ever it takes to cre­ate a sense of nor­malcy.

Nei­ther Brad nor Jen could ever have imag­ined they’d find them­selves in such sim­i­lar cir­cum­stances at the ex­act same time. “Their di­vorce was a bit­ter one, and the first years af­ter their 2005 split were es­pe­cially nasty,” says the pal. Brad flaunted his ro­mance with An­gelina all over the world, and Jen went

on the at­tack, fa­mously telling Van­ity Fair that Brad was miss­ing “a sen­si­tiv­ity chip.” But, says the pal, over the years, “That bit­ter­ness has faded.”

Brad’s thought­ful note to Jen af­ter her mom’s death has now drawn them back into each other’s or­bits. The kind­ness of his note thawed their frosty post-di­vorce re­la­tion­ship and ended their es­trange­ment. And while peo­ple close to them are gen­uinely up­set that both of their sec­ond mar­riages are fall­ing apart, they’ve also started to won­der if some­day, down the road, there could be a chance for a re­u­nion. “There are a lot of hope­less ro­man­tics who would love noth­ing more than to see Brad and Jen back to­gether,” notes the pal. “It would re­ally be the per­fect Hol­ly­wood end­ing.” For now, how­ever, their only bond is that they are both deal­ing with the end of their mar­riages. ◼

THEY’RE DOOMED “Jen’s been des­per­ately un­happy since early May,” says a pal. He’s Go­ing to Aus­tralia

Justin plans to be solo when The Left­overs pro­duc­tion moves Down Un­der in June. “Justin loves liv­ing life on his own,” says a pal, “es­pe­cially now that he’s be­come a lead­ing man.”

They Weren’t Pho­tographed To­gether for Months IT’S OVER “Brad and An­gelina have grown so dis­tant from each other that they’re headed for di­vorce,” says one of their friends.

From March 19 through early June, Brad and An­gelina weren’t pho­tographed to­gether, as they led sep­a­rate lives. Still, an in­sider says, “Brad and An­gelina will come to­gether for their kids” to shield them.

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