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Kim Kar­dashian was on the warpath. In a GQ mag­a­zine in­ter­view re­leased on June 16, she boldly reignited the feud be­tween hus­band Kanye West and Tay­lor Swift that ex­ploded in Fe­bru­ary when Kanye re­leased his song “Fa­mous” — in which he raps of Tay­lor, “I made that bitch fa­mous.” “She to­tally ap­proved that,” Kim told the mag­a­zine, in­sist­ing that Tay­lor, whose camp has re­peat­edly de­nied Kanye’s claims that she gave him her bless­ing, wasn’t be­ing truth­ful. Kim even re­vealed that Kanye can prove it, be­cause the con­ver­sa­tion was recorded. “I swear, my hus­band gets so much s--- for things [when] he re­ally was do­ing proper pro­to­col.”

The drama quickly es­ca­lated. In the same ar­ti­cle in which Kim, 35, pub­licly call­ing Tay­lor, 26, a liar and ac­cus­ing the singer of want­ing to “play

the vic­tim,” Tay­lor’s rep hit back with a state­ment throw­ing shade at Kim. “Tay­lor … rec­og­nizes the pres­sure Kim must be un­der and that she is only re­peat­ing what she has been told by Kanye,” the state­ment be­gan. That only made Kim an­grier, In Touch has learned, and now she wishes her hus­band, 39, could re­lease the record­ing. “Yes, the tape ex­ists, be­cause Kanye tapes ev­ery­thing he does so that he can go back and look at the ‘cre­ative process’ af­ter,” says a Kim source, adding that Kanye was be­ing video­taped while on speak­er­phone with Tay­lor. “She’s sick of ev­ery­one think­ing that Tay­lor is holierthan-thou.”

Tay­lor has al­ready taken le­gal ac­tion. On June 19, Bri­tain’s The Sun news­pa­per claimed to have seen the le­gal let­ter in which the “Bad Blood” singer’s at­tor­neys or­dered Kanye to de­stroy the footage. “The more she keeps com­ing af­ter him, the more it looks like she has some­thing to hide, and she does,” says the Kim source. “In fact, Tay­lor spent the whole con­ver­sa­tion with Kanye kiss­ing his ass, telling him what a ge­nius he is.”

Tay­lor con­tin­ues to deny it. “She’s stick­ing to her story,” says a Tay­lor in­sider. “She knows Kanye’s team will have a huge law­suit on their hands if they re­lease a record­ing of her, be­cause it’s il­le­gal to record some­one in Cal­i­for­nia with­out their knowl­edge and con­sent. Tay­lor hates to lose, so she’s not budg­ing.” But the Kim source says that tac­tic won’t work: “Tay­lor al­ways sends her army of lawyers to scare peo­ple away, but she should know that the one per­son that won’t scare is Kanye.”

For now, they’ll both take their re­venge in pub­lic. “Tay­lor’s al­ready been in­spired to write some harsh lyrics [about Kim]. Kim messed with the wrong woman,” says the Tay­lor in­sider. And Kanye? “He’s plan­ning an epic take­down of Tay­lor on his up­com­ing tour. He’s go­ing to slam her nightly,” says an­other source. “The plan is for Kanye to play the in­fa­mous clip of Tay­lor ac­cept­ing her VMA and him storm­ing the stage, and Kim will be fea­tured in the video some­how. It will mock Tay­lor’s good-girl im­age. It’s go­ing to be ab­so­lutely mer­ci­less.” ◼

“The pain of life had be­come too much for him,” says a close friend of Prince’s. “There was the crip­pling hip and joint pain, and the shame of his drug ad­dic­tion that he hid from all but a few close friends and physi­cians.”

His body lay there, life­less, crum­pled on the floor of the pur­ple-car­peted el­e­va­tor in­side Pais­ley Park. All alone and clad in black from his cap down to his socks, Prince’s 5-foot-3, 112-pound body had been in­side his 65,000-square­foot Min­nesota home for at least six hours be­fore he was ul­ti­mately found by two staffers at 9:40 a.m. on April 21. Six weeks later, an of­fi­cial au­topsy report re­vealed that the mu­sic leg­end had died from a self-ad­min­is­tered over­dose of the ex­tremely po­tent opi­oid fen­tanyl. The au­topsy report ruled his death was ac­ci­den­tal.

But there’s much more to the tragic story. In Touch has ex­clu­sively learned the 57-year-old mu­sic ge­nius knew the end was near — and even left a sui­cide note. “It was scrawled in big let­ters on a page ripped from a notebook,” a close friend tells In Touch. “It was chill­ing and read sim­ply: ‘ Need some­thing to make the pain stop, even if it means end­ing ev­ery­thing some­how. It’s time to go, I didn’t mean to leave so soon … I didn’t mean to leave now. Love, Love, Love.’” It was Prince’s fi­nal good­bye. “It was al­most lyri­cal,” adds his friend. “He knew he would fi­nally do him­self in with a deadly dose of opi­ates.”

What’s more, the note is not in the hands of in­ves­ti­ga­tors. It was dis­cov­ered by some­one who went through his things be­fore Min­nesota’s Carver County Sher­iff ’s Of­fice could search the scene. “Prince’s fi nal farewell was found by this per­son among the clut­ter of Prince’s note­books and pa­pers,” ex­plains his friend, adding that the per­son kept it from go­ing pub­lic. “It was what the deeply pri­vate star would have wanted. He wanted to be re­mem­bered as one of, if not the great­est, pop stars of all time, some­one who spread love and joy through his mu­sic — not some­one who’d done this to him­self.”

Prince knew he was go­ing to die soon. “In the days lead­ing up to his death, he was try­ing des­per­ately to cover up a grand lie as his drug ad­dic­tion spi­raled, but he also knew he’d cause his own death with an over­dose,” says his friend. “It was a heart­break­ing fi­nal bow, but the fact is, he was so sick — and sick and tired of liv­ing. As far as I’m con­cerned, Prince didn’t die of an ac­ci­den­tal over­dose.”

His in­ter­nal strug­gle was heart­break­ing. “The deeper his ad­dic­tion got, the darker his thoughts be­came,” says an in­sider. “His charmed life had be­come a night­mare. He couldn’t help him­self.” In fact, six days be­fore his death, Prince’s pri­vate plane made an emer­gency land­ing in Illi­nois, where he was re­port­edly given a “save shot” while in the throes of a Per­co­cet over­dose. “He still didn’t

As In Touch first re­ported, dozens of pre­scrip­tion pill bot­tles were seized by au­thor­i­ties at Pais­ley Park af­ter Prince’s body was found. He was ad­dicted to Per­co­cet and fen­tanyl, among other drugs.

stop do­ing drugs,” says a source, “even af­ter he OD’D.” Af­ter that near-death ex­pe­ri­ence, Prince re­turned to Pais­ley Park, where he wrote the sui­cide note and, ac­cord­ing to his brother-in-law Mau­rice Phillips, stayed up for six days straight. “He wanted to stop do­ing drugs,” says his friend, “but just couldn’t.”

Fen­tanyl is the sub­stance that ul­ti­mately killed Prince, but it was far from the only one he was abus­ing. To­ward the end of his life, the pro­lific song­writer was tak­ing opi­ates in­clud­ing Per­co­cet, Vi­codin and Norco — “up to 80 pills a day,” says a sec­ond source — af­ter he de­vel­oped ad­dic­tion is­sues while try­ing to cope with in­tense hip and joint pain fol­low­ing years of en­er­getic per­for­mances in high-heeled shoes. (The Drug En­force­ment Agency and the Department of Jus­tice are cur­rently help­ing lo­cal law en­force­ment in­ves­ti­gate how Prince ob­tained the painkillers that ended his life.) He was also us­ing co­caine and heroin for years as he at­tempted to “balance his high,” adds the sec­ond source.

He was writ­ing down his dark­est thoughts for years. Be­fore his sui­cide note, death wasn’t far from Prince’s mind. A mu­si­cian pal who worked with The Pur­ple One in re­cent years re­calls see­ing a cer­tain set of lyrics scrib­bled on some of Prince’s mu­sic sheets that now seem eerily prophetic. “It had words writ­ten all over the mar­gins,” says the mu­si­cian. “I re­mem­ber phrases like, ‘Clos­ing down shop … Might skip the wake and go straight for the cake … It will be dark for a while … But then the pain will be gone.’” That Prince was re­spon­si­ble for his own death weighs heav­ily on his mu­si­cian friend. “The idea of Prince tak­ing his own life be­cause he was in so much pain may not have been


some­thing that he de­cided in his fi­nal days or fi­nal hours. I think he’d been con­sid­er­ing it, know­ing it would hap­pen, for a long time.”

Death even be­came a big part of his mu­sic. “He had al­luded to the end in many of his song lyrics. He kept note­books and would write and write and write,” ex­plains the first friend, not­ing that Prince ref­er­enced his death in the 2014 song “Way Back Home.” The lyrics in­clude: “I never wanted a typ­i­cal life / scripted role, huh tro­phy wife / All I ever wanted, to be left alone / See my bed’s made up at night / ’Cause in my dreams I roam / Just try­ing to find, try­ing to find / My way back, back home.” “There were torn-out pages of lyrics and ideas all over the Pais­ley Park stu­dio,” adds his friend, “and among the clut­ter were mul­ti­ple notes about dy­ing, be­cause he had come close to death many times be­fore.”

He con­tem­plated it end­lessly, un­til that fate­ful night when he took his fi­nal dose of fen­tanyl af­ter writ­ing his sui­cide note. “I’ll never for­get what he wrote,” says the friend. “I can’t get it out of my mind. ‘ It’s time to go. I didn’t mean to leave so soon.’” ◼

‘‘ In his last days, much of Prince’s time was spent alone. He was a pris­oner to his ad­dic­tion”


DE­FEND­ING HER MAN “For Tay­lor to deny that she ap­proved Kanye’s lyrics is just a to­tal lie, and Kim won’t stand for it,” says a Kar­dashian source.

FIGHT­ING BACK “Tay­lor can­not un­der­stand why Kanye West, and now Kim Kar­dashian, will not just leave her alone,” a rep for the singer said in a state­ment.


Within days of Prince’s death, his sis­ter Tyka told the court that the mu­sic leg­end had no will and named her­self and five of their sur­viv­ing half sib­lings as heirs to his es­ti­mated $300 mil­lion estate. But at least 14 oth­ers have asked a Carver County, Minn., judge to give them a piece of the mu­sic leg­end’s for­tune, too. There’s Car­lin O. Wil­liams (above, left), a fed­eral prison in­mate who claims he’s Prince’s bi­o­log­i­cal son; a sec­ond in­mate who says he’s Prince’s adopted son; and a Con­necti­cut woman who be­lieves she might be Prince’s bi­o­log­i­cal daugh­ter. An­other man is de­mand­ing a DNA test, three oth­ers are in­sist­ing they’re Prince’s half sib­lings, plus seven peo­ple say they’re the de­scen­dants of the sis­ter of Prince’s great-great-grand­fa­ther. And be­cause there’s no will, more than half the value of Prince’s estate will likely go to the IRS.

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