Melt­downs, debts and threats — in­side in­mate Joe Gi­u­dice’s sad new life

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The rules didn’t ap­ply to him. At least that’s what Joe Gi­u­dice seemed to think when he got in­volved in a card game with some of his fel­low in­mates at the Fed­eral Cor­rec­tional In­sti­tu­tion Fort Dix in New Jersey, where he’s just three months into a 41-month sen­tence for fed­eral fraud crimes. “He lost, and he didn’t want to pay up,” an in­sider ex­clu­sively tells In Touch of the drama, which went down in early June. “They play for com­mis­sary money, and with all the money [ his wife] Teresa puts into his ac­count, you would think Joe wouldn’t be so cheap. But the guys he was play­ing with scared him good and he ended up pay

ing triple to keep them off his back! He was ner­vous about what would hap­pen if he didn’t.”

He should still be ner­vous. Just be­cause Joe paid his gam­bling debt doesn’t mean his prob­lems in prison have gone away. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star is a walk­ing tar­get. “Joe has a bad at­ti­tude and an in­flated ego and doesn’t get along with any­one in prison,” says the in­sider, adding that life be­hind bars has been a liv­ing hell for the re­al­ity star. “He’s just not a lik­able guy. He’s been watch­ing his back more and more, es­pe­cially since the card game.”

Joe is do­ing him­self in. Un­like Teresa, 44, who tried to make friends and make the best of her nearly 12 months be­hind bars, Joe, 44, has been un­able — or un­will­ing — to ad­just. “He doesn’t lis­ten to ad­vice on how to han­dle things, and he’s not savvy when it comes to play­ing nice with other in­mates who have a lot of is­sues them­selves,” says the in­sider. “Even some of the guards don’t treat him well be­cause they don’t ap­pre­ci­ate his at­ti­tude. He thinks he’s a tough guy, when he’s re­ally just a worth­less jerk.”

He still hasn’t ac­cepted his pun­ish­ment. “Joe had a to­tal and com­plete melt­down in prison [in mid-june],” says the in­sider. “He’d con­vinced him­self that if he ad­mit­ted to be­ing an al­co­holic and en­tered into a pro­gram for it,

“There are some guys in there who just don’t like him,” says an in­sider. Af­ter a card game didn’t go his way, “Joe was scared. He didn’t know what would hap­pen to him deal­ing with th­ese guys.” he would be el­i­gi­ble for early re­lease and only serve 18 months.” He was wrong. “His lawyers just told Joe that the ear­li­est he’s get­ting out is 36 months. He freaked out, curs­ing his lawyers and Teresa — who didn’t have any­thing to do with it!”

Teresa had been pub­licly play­ing the good wife stand­ing by Joe’s side, but lately she’s been pulling away. She didn’t visit him on Father’s Day, nor did she men­tion him on so­cial me­dia. (She only tweeted to tell her fol­low­ers: “Happy Father’s Day and en­joy your day with your fam­ily.”) “I can’t imag­ine it’ll last, es­pe­cially if Joe gets de­ported to [ his na­tive] Italy af­ter his sen­tence, and right now his chances of de­por­ta­tion are 50-50,” ex­plains the in­sider. “How he be­haves be­hind bars plays into that de­ci­sion, and he hasn’t been the best in­mate. He was even wasted when he sur­ren­dered him­self. Ev­ery­thing gets doc­u­mented.”

Joe needs to change his ways, or he’ll suf­fer the con­se­quences. “If he doesn’t fig­ure it out soon, he’s go­ing to have real prob­lems dur­ing his sen­tence,” adds the in­sider. “He thinks he’s re­ally some­thing, but no one thinks he is spe­cial in there. He’d bet­ter watch his back.” ◼

Joe checked into the Fed­eral Cor­rec­tional In­sti­tu­tion Fort Dix in New Jersey on March 23.

SHE’S AFRAID “I do worry about him,” says wife Teresa. “I’m more wor­ried about him than I was for my­self.”


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