Kate’s Lies Ex­posed

Busted! Kate Gos­selin’s at­tempt to re­write his­tory crum­bles as the truth about her failed mar­riage, her eight kids and her ob­ses­sion with fame come to light

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Kate Gos­selin wasn’t hold­ing back. In what she tried to frame as a bru­tally hon­est in­ter­view, the Kate Plus 8 re­al­ity star trashed ex-hus­band Jon, 39, strongly im­ply­ing he’s been an ab­sen­tee fa­ther. “I re­ally would have thought he’d have been here for the long haul,” she told Peo­ple mag­a­zine. “The weird­est thing is that overnight he be­came a dif­fer­ent per­son.” She later added, “I’ve felt very alone in this.”

She wasn’t telling the whole truth. Ac­cord­ing to a source who knows the for­mer Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars, the truth is that Kate, 41, was only will­ing to stay in the mar­riage for money and fame. “Kate wanted fame and for­tune at any cost,” the source ex­clu­sively tells In Touch, ex­plain­ing that in 2009 — as Jon and Kate’s mar­riage was crum­bling — their net­work, TLC, ar­ranged a me­di­a­tion ses­sion with Dr. Phil Mc­graw in LA, where they made Jon a lu­cra­tive of­fer. “TLC and Kate agreed that they needed to keep the mar­riage in­tact to make the show go on and of­fered Jon $2 mil­lion to sign a con­tract to stay mar­ried for two more years,” says the source. “In Dr. Phil’s pri­vate study, Jon was told that they could have an open mar­riage be­hind the scenes. Kate was fine with that. Jon re­fused — he didn’t want to have a fake mar­riage for a TV show.” Or to fur­ther Kate’s lust for fame. “Kate’s life has been one big lie,” adds the source. “She was will­ing to do it back then to stay rel­e­vant, and she’s still do­ing it now. That in­ter­view is filled with lies.”

Her re­la­tion­ship with Jon isn’t the only thing she tried to spin. In the in­ter­view, Kate re­vealed their son Collin has “ed­u­ca­tional and so­cial chal­lenges” that led her to send him away to a pro­gram so he could gain bet­ter “life skills.” Though Kate claimed she was pro­tect­ing Collin’s pri­vacy by keep­ing his di­ag­no­sis and treat­ment in­for­ma­tion pri­vate, she in fact spoke at great length about the 12-year-old’s is­sues, the “strug­gle” of rais­ing a spe­cial-needs child and how he’s af­fected her other sex­tu­plets — Alexis, Leah, Han­nah, Aaden and Joel — and twins Mady and Cara, 15. “If [Kate] wants to talk about her­self, that’s fine,” says psy­chol­o­gist Jean Cir­illo, who has not treated the Gos­selins. “But she is breach­ing [Collin’s] pri­vacy and that’s not fair.”

Her be­hav­ior con­cern­ing Collin has long been trou­bling. In 2012, it was re­vealed in a book based on her per­sonal diary — found on a com­puter hard drive that she threw out, ac­cord­ing to the au­thor — that she re­peat­edly spanked him and pulled his hair as a young boy. When he got older and mis­be­haved, “She wouldn’t let him eat with his sib­lings and forced him to sleep alone in a win­dow­less room in the base­ment,” says the source. “A ther­a­pist who came to the home wit­nessed Collin was be­ing locked in the base­ment in a win­dow­less room and she turned Kate in to Chil­dren & Youth Ser­vices. But when they came to the home for their of­fi­cial visit, Kate wouldn’t al­low them in. CYS warned Kate they would be back with a search

war­rant and that gave her two weeks to pre­pare the home.” The source says that CYS has in­ves­ti­gated six claims of abuse in the last two years, all deemed un­sub­stan­ti­ated.

Kate hasn’t told Jon where Collin is or re­vealed his di­ag­no­sis. “Jon would have taken care of Collin if Kate had let him,” says a source, slam­ming Kate’s claims that she’s forced to deal with Collin’s is­sues alone. “The truth is, she hasn’t let Jon see Collin in al­most two years.” (Kate won pri­mary cus­tody af­ter their 2009 di­vorce; Jon has vis­i­ta­tion rights.) For Jon, it’s heart­break­ing. “I’m a reg­u­lar dad try­ing to spend as much time with my kids as pos­si­ble,” he ex­clu­sively tells In Touch, adding that he sees most of his kids ev­ery Tues­day plus ev­ery other week­end (see side­bar). “I love all of my chil­dren and hope they all know I’m there for them un­con­di­tion­ally.”

In the in­ter­view, Cara and Mady con­firmed they no longer speak to their fa­ther and haven’t seen him in a few years. “He doesn’t even know us,” de­clared Mady. “We don’t want to see him.” It’s a cruel dig that Dr. Lil­lian Glass says Kate should have never al­lowed. “That’s be­tween them and their fa­ther and is a prob­lem that needs to be dis­cussed with a ther­a­pist and not in pub­lic,” says Dr. Glass, a psy­chol­o­gist and hu­man be­hav­ior ex­pert who hasn’t worked with Kate’s brood. “The mother ob­vi­ously poi­soned the well. That sounds like some­thing she’s fed them.”

Those who know her say it’s typ­i­cal Kate. “She’s not the good per­son she’d have peo­ple be­lieve,” claims the source. “Kate’s so des­per­ate for fame that she’s try­ing to re­write his­tory — all at the ex­pense of those poor kids.” ◼


She Sent Collin Away Cara Collin Aaden Joel FAMEHUNGRY “Kate is greedy. The lengths she’ll go to in or­der to stay rich and rel­e­vant are truly fright­en­ing,” says a source. Leah MOMMY DEAR­EST “The con­trol Kate has on these kids is never-end­ing. They live i

In her diary, Kate (with Collin in 2010) ad­mit­ted she couldn’t con­trol her tem­per around her spe­cial­needs son. “She talked about her fear of hurt­ing him,” claims the source.

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