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• Phys­i­cally at­tacked Brad dur­ing jeal­ous rages

• Locked her­self in bed­room for days

• How she set him up & what re­ally hap­pened on the plane

• Brad’s secret weapon: her psych records

A mar­riage filled with vi­o­lence, drugs and cheat­ing charges. Be­hind their im­age as the per­fect cou­ple, Brad Pitt and An­gelina Jolie were locked in a volatile and mis­er­able life to­gether. Now In Touch, the mag­a­zine that broke the news of their di­vorce, takes you in­side their house of hor­rors with ex­clu­sive details about the mar­riage and ugly breakup

He couldn’t be­lieve what was hap­pen­ing. Brad Pitt was all alone in his 5,300-square-foot man­sion in LA the week­end of Sept. 17 when the Depart­ment of Chil­dren and Fam­ily Ser­vices showed up at his door. DCFS had re­ceived a dis­turb­ing anony­mous call al­leg­ing that a drunken Brad had got­ten phys­i­cal with his el­dest sons on a flight from France to LA as the plane stopped to re­fuel at Min­nesota’s Falls In­ter­na­tional Air­port on Sept. 14. “Brad ad­mit­ted to be­ing drunk and los­ing his tem­per, but that’s it. He even took a urine drug test on the spot,” a source with knowl­edge of the in­ves­ti­ga­tion ex­clu­sively tells In Touch. Brad’s wife, An­gelina Jolie, wasn’t at the house be­cause she had taken Mad­dox, 15, Pax, 12, Za­hara, 11, Shiloh, 10, and twins Knox and Vivi­enne, 8, and moved them away from their fa­ther and into a nearby rental prop­erty with her. But dur­ing his in­tense in­ter­view with DCFS, Brad made it clear he is no abuser. “He said he was at­tempt­ing to dis­ci­pline the kids on the plane, and Angie ig­nored him, as usual, when he asked for help,” ex­plains a Brad in­sider. His at­tempt to con­trol the kids turned into an ugly scene but there were no punches thrown. The source with knowl­edge of the in­ves­ti­ga­tion adds that Brad “was ex­tremely re­morse­ful about the en­tire sit­u­a­tion.”

He was also dev­as­tated — and blind­sided — by what An­gelina did next. On Sept. 19, the Mon­day af­ter DCFS de­scended upon his home, she shocked Brad by fil­ing for di­vorce. And she didn’t stop there: An­gelina also de­manded sole phys­i­cal cus­tody of their six chil­dren with mere vis­i­ta­tion for their fa­ther, say­ing in a state­ment through her en­ter­tain­ment at­tor­ney, Robert Of­fer, that “this de­ci­sion was made for the health of the fam­ily.” Then it was leaked that Brad al­legedly has a drug and al­co­hol prob­lem. In­sid­ers tell In Touch that peo­ple close to Ange- lina put that in­for­ma­tion out there. Brad’s con­vinced that some­one close to An­gelina called DCFS; af­ter all, the in­ci­dent hap­pened in Min­nesota but Cal­i­for­nia DCFS was alerted im­me­di­ately. It was a move that shocked the world — An­gelina ag­gres­sively try­ing to de­stroy Brad and paint him as un­fit to have shared phys­i­cal cus­tody of their chil­dren. One source tells In Touch she set him up and was sim­ply wait­ing for an in­ci­dent be­fore she moved out: She al­ready had a rental house ready, filed di­vorce pa­pers with­out telling him and then re­leased a state­ment on her own. But she may soon re­gret her harsh tac­tics. A sad and seething Brad is de­ter­mined to fight back. Be­cause she is paint­ing him as an un­fit par­ent, Brad is ready to ex­pose her dark­est se­crets. He’s set to prove how she got vi­o­lent with him through­out their re­la­tion­ship, that she locked her­self in a bed­room for days at a time and how he be­lieves she cheated on him, with men and women, In Touch has ex­clu­sively learned. And he has a secret weapon: He’ll sub­poena her med­i­cal records to prove that she suf­fers from an un­re­ported secret men­tal health dis­or­der. “He has so much am­mu­ni­tion,” says the Brad in­sider. “Angie thrives on chaos and drama. She is a com­plete night­mare.”

Their shat­tered re­la­tion­ship came to a head on that fate­ful flight. “It was dur­ing the de­scent into the Min­nesota air­port that all hell broke loose,” ex­plains

the Brad in­sider. “Brad told Pax to sit down and Pax told his dad to ‘shut the f--- up,’ caus­ing Brad to get out of his seat and get in Pax’s face and tell him to ‘f---ing sit down now.’ Mad­dox then got in the mid­dle of it and Angie started scream­ing hys­ter­i­cally.”

Air­port em­ploy­ees knew some­thing was very wrong. “Work­ers on the tar­mac could hear Brad and An­gelina yelling from in­side the plane be­fore they even got off,” a source whose friend works at the tiny air­field tells In Touch. (The source orig­i­nally spoke with mytalk 107.1.’s Colleen and Bradley in Min­ne­ap­o­lis.) “My friend told me Brad was se­ri­ously drunk. He got out of the plane, he peed on the side of a build-

ing and then got into a co-worker’s truck.” When Brad got off the plane, a sec­ond source re­calls, he hit his face on the truck. “It didn’t faze him. He just kind of shrugged it off.” Af­ter the re­fu­el­ing was com­plete, Brad and the rest of the fam­ily climbed back on the plane and took off for LA.

The next day, An­gelina moved out. But DCFS con­tacted her as well. In Touch has ex­clu­sively learned that An­gelina, the fam­ily’s four nan­nies and the kids were in­ter­viewed by DCFS af­ter the melee. (They were all in­ter­viewed in­di­vid­u­ally.) “Angie said Brad loses his tem­per with the kids a lot and that there is drink­ing and drug use,” ex­plains the source with knowl­edge of the in­ves­ti­ga­tion,

adding that un­like Brad, 52 — who wasn’t per­mit­ted to see his chil­dren dur­ing the early days of the DCFS in­quiry — Angie, 41, was not asked to sub­mit to drug test­ing. “The younger kids — Za­hara, Shiloh and the twins — all told DCFS they missed their dad. Mad­dox and Pax didn’t ex­press that sen­ti­ment and seem to think they are tasked with be­ing their mother’s pro­tec­tor. It’s very un­healthy. Brad is ter­ri­fied that she’s go­ing to turn the kids against him next, and it’s tear­ing him apart.”

The DCFS in­ves­ti­ga­tion is ex­pected to re­main open for months as An­gelina con­tin­ues to try to de­stroy Brad. “He is see­ing a dis­turb­ing pat­tern with Angie and the

ap­proach she is tak­ing in this cus­tody bat­tle,” says the Brad in­sider. “She was di­ag­nosed with a men­tal health dis­or­der in 2000 when she vol­un­tar­ily had her­self com­mit­ted to the UCLA Neu­ropsy­chi­atric In­sti­tute — she’d had a break­down be­fore she mar­ried Billy Bob Thorn­ton. Re­fus­ing to be­lieve the di­ag­no­sis, Angie never took the rec­om­men­da­tions or the meds that were pre­scribed to her once she was dis­charged.” If she con­tin­ues to be vi­cious and ma­nip­u­la­tive and to force Brad into a cus­tody war, In Touch has ex­clu­sively learned, he will “im­me­di­ately sub­poena Angie’s med­i­cal records from her psy­chi­atric stay at UCLA be­cause it will go straight to Brad’s claim that she is un­sta­ble and shouldn’t be granted sole cus­tody of the kids.”

An­gelina should be afraid. Be­fore she rein­vented her­self as a global hu­man­i­tar­ian and U.N. am­bas­sador, she was fa­mous for her wild-child be­hav­ior. She’d made head­lines for ev­ery­thing from cut­ting her­self, col­lect­ing knives and us­ing heroin to dat­ing women, kiss­ing brother James Haven on the lips and wear­ing sec­ond hus­band Billy Bob’s blood in a vial around her neck. More un­usual be­hav­ior con­tin­ued dur­ing her 12-year re­la­tion­ship with Brad. “There were days at a time where Angie would just lock her­self in her bed­room and not come out,” says the Brad in­sider. “Brad tried for years to save Angie, al­ways hop­ing she would get the help she needed, but it never hap­pened.” In 2014, adds an in­sider who’s known them for years, “An­gelina wasn’t get­ting out of bed, would have cry­ing fits that lasted for days and lost a sig­nif­i­cant amount of weight. She gave up on her mar­riage. She asked Brad for a di­vorce. She wanted to be alone.” But Brad, says the in­sider, fought to keep go­ing.

An­gelina also had a vi­o­lent streak. “Dur­ing the mar­riage, there were mul­ti­ple in­ci­dents in which she and Brad had scream­ing matches and Angie would phys­i­cally push him,” says the Brad in­sider. “Angie would tell Brad to push her back, but he re­fused.” (Brad raised eye­brows when he stepped out in April 2015 with an abra­sion on his face; he blamed it on trip­ping over his flip-flop weeks af­ter An­gelina had an elec­tive hys­terec­tomy fol­low­ing her BRCA1 cancer gene di­ag­no­sis.)

Cheat­ing charges have also long plagued the for­mer cou­ple. Angie — who fell in love with Brad on the 2004 set of Mr. & Mrs. Smith while he was still mar­ried to Jen­nifer Anis­ton — “never trusted Brad dur­ing the mar­riage and was al­ways ac­cus­ing him of cheat­ing,” says the Brad in­sider, adding that An­gelina’s his­tory of “get­ting ro­man­ti­cally in­volved with men who were ei­ther mar­ried or in re­la­tion­ships” in­flu­enced her sus­pi­cions. Os­car-win­ning ac­tress Mar­ion Cotil­lard, 40, who plays Brad’s wife in the up­com­ing World War II spy thriller Al­lied, found her­self dragged into the mar­riage drama as she filmed with Brad last spring. “Af­ter they mar­ried, Brad and An­gelina had a rule that nei­ther would pas­sion­ately kiss an­other co-star on-screen,” ex­plains a sec­ond Brad in­sider. “Af­ter Angie read a copy of Brad’s Al­lied script — which in­cludes kiss­ing — she went ab­so­lutely nuts.” But Brad did it be­cause at this point he was dis­gusted with An­gelina’s vi­cious be­hav­ior and hated work­ing with her on their movie

By the Sea, where they, fit­tingly, played a cou­ple in a bad mar­riage.

An­gelina and Brad ar­gued mer­ci­lessly af­ter she learned about his sex­u­ally charged scenes with his beau­ti­ful French co-star. “An- gelina was very jeal­ous,” says a source who knows them, “and thought Brad was in­fat­u­ated with Mar­ion be­cause he would talk so highly of her.” (As she’s aged, An­gelina’s con­fi­dence has taken a hit, ex­plains the sec­ond Brad in­sider: “She’s ob­sessed with stay­ing young and has doc­tors visit her at home for Botox and other fillers.”) An­gelina got so worked up over Mar­ion, adds the source who knows them, she “hired a pri­vate in­ves­ti­ga­tor to trail Brad be­cause she was sus­pi­cious that he was cheat­ing and par­ty­ing too much while film­ing.” Brad was ap­palled when he found out. “Brad lashed back at An­gelina, telling her he was done with her in­se­cu­ri­ties and fits of jeal­ousy,” a friend told In Touch in Au­gust. “He said she was suf­fo­cat­ing him.” (Mar­ion, who con­ceived her sec­ond child dur­ing pro­duc­tion, re­leased a state­ment slam­ming re­ports she and Brad had an af­fair and con­firm­ing her un­born baby’s fa­ther is direc­tor and writer Guil­laume Canet, her part­ner of

nine years.)

But Brad’s also har­bored fears that An­gelina has strayed and be­trayed him. “He’s be­lieved for years that Angie was un­faith­ful dur­ing the re­la­tion­ship and mar­riage, with both men and women,” says the first Brad in­sider, “but he never wanted to know the truth.” They both lost faith over the course of the re­la­tion­ship. “Angie and Brad didn’t have any trust in each other any longer,” says the in­sider. “It was re­ally sad. She had be­come hell to live with.”

Their prob­lems started years ago. “An­gelina didn’t want Brad drink­ing and smok­ing pot all night long and would lock him out of the

house,” says the in­sider who’s known them for years. They ar­gued about ev­ery­thing. “I re­mem­ber An­gelina hav­ing a tantrum, fight­ing with Brad in a van, scream­ing at him for get­ting caught smok­ing when he was sup­posed to have quit,” says a source who saw them in Hun­gary in 2011 when Brad was there work­ing on World War Z. “Brad was shrug­ging it off and laugh­ing and An­gelina was so tense, bit­ing her lips. There was so much ten­sion between them then.”

Things only got worse. A source who worked on Malef­i­cent with An­gelina in 2012 says there were also hints of trou­ble when Brad would visit the set with their chil­dren. “She was ob­sessed with the kids and the movie and didn’t pay much attention to Brad,” the Malef­i­cent source re­calls. “The spark between them had dis­ap­peared, even back then.” They also seemed like very dif­fer­ent peo­ple. “She’s a to­tal per­fec­tion­ist and the kind of per­son who can’t keep still, whereas Brad is very chill. She’d get frus­trated at his laid-back­ness.”

But Brad was growing in­creas­ingly frus­trated with An­gelina’s per­mis­sive­ness when it came to par­ent­ing their large brood. Early on, says a for­mer teacher, “both Brad and An­gelina were very lax in their par­ent­ing skills and never held the kids ac­count­able. The kids screamed at each other, at their par­ents and at the house staff. There was no dis­ci­pline. The kids did what­ever they wanted.” But as the kids got older — and more ag­gres­sive, dis­re­spect­ful and de­fi­ant — Brad re­peat­edly tried to put his foot down, only to be un­der­mined by his wife. “Dis­ci­plin­ing the kids be­came a huge is­sue. It’s been a con­stant bat­tle of good cop/ bad cop, and the kids would pick up on the ten­sion,” says the first Brad in­sider. “If Brad had sent one of the kids to their room for dis­obey­ing, Angie would al­ways re­lent and let them come out. This would lead to knock-down, drag-out scream­ing matches between Brad and Angie.”

Staffers have strug­gled to deal with the pan­de­mo­nium that per­me­ates ev­ery home or ho­tel the fam­ily in­hab­its. “I know that there were nan­nies who quit within days of meet­ing the kids,” says the for­mer teacher. A source close to the staff adds that “over time, it’s de­vel­oped into a house of hor­rors.” Food and water fights and soc­cer games in the house have be­come the norm, says the source close to the staff, adding, “The kids have also de­lighted in let­ting loose their col­lec­tion of an­i­mals — a num­ber of dogs, cats, ham­sters and snakes — all at once to ter­ror­ize the nan­nies and house­hold staff.” Plus, says that source, “There’s never been a set

bed­time, and the kids have al­ways been al­lowed to binge-watch cable movies and DVDS un­til sun­rise if they want.” Ad­mits the source, “It’s a to­tal s--- show of ab­so­lute chaos. The kids lit­er­ally run the asy­lum.”

That fric­tion alone can de­stroy a mar­riage. “When a cou­ple can’t agree on ways of par­ent­ing, it of­ten leads to di­vorce,” ex­plains Bev­erly Hills psy­chol­o­gist Julie Arm­strong, who hasn’t coun­seled the A-lis­ters. “It be­comes a bone of con­tention and a point of real abra­sion in the re­la­tion­ship be­cause the kids are so much a part of ev­ery­day life. It’s a big is­sue and it in­ter­feres in the house­hold, with com­mu­ni­ca­tion and in­ti­macy between the cou­ple and ul­ti­mately it can drive a cou­ple apart.” The par­ents have to agree on a strat­egy. “One par­ent can have stronger be­liefs than the other about dis­ci­pline — one can be looser, one can be stronger,” adds Dr. Arm­strong. “But what’s im­por­tant is that the par­ents are con­sis­tent about the is­sue.”

That was never go­ing to hap­pen. Tired of fight­ing with An­gelina and over­whelmed by the kids’ be­hav­ioral is­sues, Brad self-med­i­cated with booze and pot ( he has a med­i­cal mar­i­juana card in Cal­i­for­nia, where mar­i­juana is le­gal). “He’s told friends that he be­gan drink­ing more over the past two years be­cause there was just so much chaos in the house. Angie was ig­nor­ing him com­pletely, and any time he’d try to dis­ci­pline the kids or set ground rules, she over­ruled him,” says the first Brad in­sider. “He be­came the bad cop, and the kids knew they could all go to Mom to get what they wanted. He’s led a sad, lonely life be­cause of this. He doesn’t feel he’s had a true part­ner in the re­la­tion­ship for a very long time.”

He needed an es­cape.“Brad was watch­ing the kids one night while Angie wasn’t home and he was high as a kite, danc­ing around in purple un­der­wear and a pink boa,” a source who knows him tells In Touch of an in­ci­dent that hap­pened in LA in June. “The mu­sic was blast­ing and the kids were run­ning around the house wreak­ing havoc un­til they busted into Brad’s secret room where he was hid­ing out, the place he hides all his drug para­pher­na­lia like his bong, and jumped on him.” And it’s not the first time some­thing like that’s hap­pened, ad­mits the source who knows Brad: “Angie would come home to a house that’s turned up­side down, Brad passed out on the couch, with the kids eat­ing junk food for din­ner.”

Brad and An­gelina have also fought bit­terly over es­tab­lish­ing a home base. “He told Angie they could no longer wan­der the world with their kids like no­mads,” says the sec­ond Brad in­sider. “She blew a fuse, be­cause no­body tells her what to do. She prides her­self on be­ing a free spirit, a cit­i­zen of the world and wants that for her kids as well. The idea of set­tling down in one place is the last thing she wants to do.” Ex- plains the in­sider: “Brad wants the kids to stop be­ing home­schooled and en­roll in a reg­u­lar school. But Angie is ab­so­lutely fight­ing this.”

Brad is now in­sist­ing she stop tak­ing the chil­dren to dan­ger­ous coun­tries, cre­at­ing photo ops for her U.N. work. “In the past, An­gelina has taken the kids on hu­man­i­tar­ian trips abroad to dan­ger­ous coun­tries in­clud­ing Le­banon and Turkey, which just makes Brad see red. He thinks it’s reck­less for Angie to take the kids on these trips be­cause there is so much danger in­volved,” ex­plains the first Brad in­sider. “But Angie be­lieves it’s im­por­tant for the kids to see what is go­ing on in the world, not just see it on the news, and says there is ex­tra se­cu­rity pro­vided on her U.N. trips.” Ul­ti­mately, adds the in­sider, “It’s just an­other ex­am­ple of how very dif­fer­ent they are as in­di­vid­u­als and par­ents.”

Angie never wanted to get mar­ried. “She only did it be­cause it was im­por­tant to the kids,” says the in­sider. (The pair tied the knot at their sprawling

es­tate in France, Château Mi­raval, in Au­gust 2014.) “She thought once they fi­nally did it, the ar­gu­ing would stop. In­stead, it only es­ca­lated.” Adds a Brad and Angie in­sider: “Their ro­mance and love for each other died soon af­ter they said ‘I do.’” In­stead of tak­ing a hon­ey­moon, they jumped right into film­ing By the Sea, an emo­tion­ally fraught drama about a fail­ing mar­riage. Brad later called the de­ci­sion “dys­func­tional,” and An­gelina’s ad­mit­ted the crew “felt like they were liv­ing in a house where the par­ents were fight­ing and you don’t know where to stand or where to look.” The film, which An­gelina also wrote and di­rected, was a critical and box of­fice flop. Be­hind the scenes, “Angie was re­lent­less and cruel, be­rat­ing Brad about his acting and fight­ing with him at ev­ery turn,” says an in­dus­try source. (A lo­cal told In Touch at the time that the kids, who stayed in a sep­a­rate villa from their par­ents and were un­der the care of four teach­ers and three nan­nies, were “bored and rest­less and had no sched­ule,” which made things even more un­com­fort­able for the new­ly­weds.) “Dur­ing reshoots,” adds the in­dus­try source, “Brad seemed very de­pressed and was drink­ing a lot. He would do any­thing to get away from Angie.”

The epic fights even be­came pub­lic. Just hours be­fore the Novem­ber 2014 premiere of an­other one of An­gelina’s di­rec­to­rial flops, Un­bro­ken, she and Brad were pho­tographed ar­gu­ing fe­ro­ciously on the bal­cony of their Syd­ney ho­tel. “An­gelina’s con­trol­ling be­hav­ior be­came too much for Brad to han­dle,” says an­other in­dus­try in­sider. “While Brad was film­ing [in the spring of 2015], he told pals on set that he dreaded go­ing home to his ‘nag­ging’ wife.” He felt bul­lied, suf­fo­cated and, adds the sec­ond in­dus­try in­sider, at one point “told her that de­spite her beauty she was ugly on the in­side.”

It was all com­ing to a head. “They’ve es­sen­tially been liv­ing apart for the past year and if they didn’t have kids to­gether, Angie would have dumped Brad years ago,” says the first Brad in­sider. They’ve been on in­creas­ingly dif­fer­ent ca­reer paths as well. An­gelina’s been pulling back from Hol­ly­wood and in­stead fo­cus­ing on her work with the U.N. “Angie has al­ways had po­lit­i­cal as­pi­ra­tions. She wants to make that her ca­reer,” ex­plains an in­dus­try source. All the while, Brad’s been “con­sumed with art, ar­chi­tec­ture, real es­tate, film pro­duc­tion, wine-mak­ing and more,” says their friend, who notes he cur­rently has 37 films in the hop­per as ei­ther an ac­tor or pro­ducer. “Brad wanted to di­vorce An­gelina a year ago,” says the first Brad in­sider, “but he tried to make things work for the sake of the kids.”

Now he’s afraid he’ll lose them for­ever if An­gelina gets her way. “She wants the le­gal ca­pac­ity to de­cide where the kids go with­out Brad’s ap­proval,” says the in­sider. “She says she will do what­ever it takes to pro­tect her chil­dren.”

But her chances of get­ting sole phys­i­cal cus­tody hinge on her prov­ing that Brad is an un­fit par­ent. If the DCFS in­ves­ti­ga­tion clears him, “She would have to prove that he’s an ab­sen­tee fa­ther and re­ally isn’t around and that she’s the one do­ing all the var­i­ous daily grind and dayto-day stuff with the kids,” ex­plains Goldie Schon, a fam­ily law at­tor­ney in LA who doesn’t rep­re­sent the Jolie-pitts. “She has to prove that when he is with the chil­dren, he’s plac­ing them in danger or isn’t able to take care of them, or when he’s not with the chil­dren, that he’s plac­ing him­self in danger. And if she can’t prove that to a judge — whether it’s through a pri­vate in­ves­ti­ga­tor, videos, pic­tures, other peo­ple who are around him stand­ing up and be­ing a wit­ness for her — her chances are slim.”

Mul­ti­ple in­sid­ers say it’s un­likely Brad will ul­ti­mately be branded an abuser. “There will likely be no find­ing of abuse, ei­ther phys­i­cal or emo­tional. Par­ents lose their tem­pers with kids all the time,” ex­plains the source with knowl­edge of the DCFS in­ves­ti­ga­tion. “But the is­sue of sub­stance abuse is go­ing to be care­fully scru­ti­nized,” even though Brad told in­ves­ti­ga­tors he

has a med­i­cal mar­i­juana card. Still, adds that source, “It’s highly prob­a­ble that Brad will soon be al­lowed to see the kids.”

He has a lot of sup­port. First, Brad’s fam­ily in Mis­souri is pre­pared to tes­tify that An­gelina is “men­tally un­sta­ble,” says the first Brad in­sider. Then there’s his ex-wife, Jen­nifer Anis­ton. “She in­structed one of her ad­vi­sors to reach out to Brad and to let him know she would be more than will­ing to sub­mit a dec­la­ra­tion stat­ing he was never phys­i­cally or

emo­tion­ally abu­sive to­ward her dur­ing their mar­riage,” says the Brad in­sider (see side­bar, page 30). “Fur­ther­more, she never wit­nessed Brad lose his tem­per with any of his nieces or neph­ews, nor the kids of their friends. Brad was ex­tremely touched by her ges­ture.” His old pal Gwen Ste­fani has also of­fered to help. “Gwen’s shocked by the al­le­ga­tions and ab­so­lutely doesn’t be­lieve it,” says the sec­ond Brad in­sider. “Gwen’s kids are close in age to Shiloh and the twins, and they’ve had play­dates over the years. Brad has al­ways been a loving fa­ther.”

Angie’s not back­ing down — and nei­ther is Brad. “He isn’t go­ing to be rail­roaded by Angie’s smear cam­paign against him,” says the in­sider. “He hasn’t led the per­fect life, but Angie’s no saint, ei­ther.” If she doesn’t re­lent and drop her fight for sole phys­i­cal cus­tody, the al­ready dev­as­tat­ing di­vorce will get even nas­tier. “Both of them,” says the sec­ond Brad in­sider, “are ready to go to war.” ◼


PUB­LIC BAT­TLE WALK­ING AWAY HE CAN’T TAKE IT Brad and An­gelina hid their prob­lems from the world, ex­cept for when they went at it on the bal­cony of their ho­tel in Syd­ney, just hours be­fore the Novem­ber 2014 premiere of an­other one of An­gelina’s di­rec­to­rial flops, Un­bro­ken. “When Brad threw up his arms, you could see the frus­tra­tion on his face,” an eye­wit­ness told In Touch at the time.


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