Melt­down Af­ter the Breakup

EX­CLU­SIVE Mariah Carey un­rav­els in the wake of her split from bil­lion­aire

In Touch (USA) - - News flash - James Packer

Mariah Carey was in her el­e­ment. In her first per­for­mance since news of her con­tentious split with Aus­tralian bil­lion­aire busi­ness­man James Packer made head­lines, she took the stage on Nov. 3 at the new Saks Fifth Av­enue in Toronto to cel­e­brate its hol­i­day win­dow dis­play. For seven min­utes, the diva sang her heart out in a curve-hug­ging red-and­pink Anna Maier gown un­til the show ended with a rain of con­fetti, a fire­works dis­play and a beam­ing Mariah bask­ing in the glow of the spot­light. “Mariah,” says an in­sider, “is des­per­ate to look like she’s not both­ered by the breakup.”

But be­hind the scenes, she’s out of con­trol. Mul- tiple sources tell In Touch that Mariah, 47, has come un­hinged since the breakup with James, 49, turn­ing the split into an ugly web of lies, de­ceit and fights. “Mariah’s be­hav­ior when it was over was ridicu­lous,” say a source close to the sit­u­a­tion. “She’s gone full diva.” Adds the Mariah in­sider: “She’s los­ing it. Now that James is out of her life, she’s act­ing loop­ier than ever. She says she doesn’t care about him, and in the next breath she’s com­plain­ing how heart­bro­ken she is that he left her.” Her for­mer stylist Phillip Bloch tells In Touch, “She’s a lot to han­dle. She’s delu­sional, but that’s OK. It works in her life. She’s like a ride at the amuse­ment park — there’s a lot of tur­bu­lence go­ing on there.”

She wants re­venge on James — in the form of money! “Peo­ple around her are en­cour­ag­ing Mariah to get money out of James,” says the source close to the sit­u­a­tion. “At one point, she in­sisted on $50 mil­lion. For what? Why would he owe her any­thing? To this day he still has no idea why she thinks she’s en­ti­tled to any­thing.” Money is a big rea­son they split. Mariah re­jected a prenup that would have paid her $6 mil­lion dol­lars per year for each full year of mar­riage, up to a max­i­mum of $30 mil­lion. But Mariah was de­mand­ing a $50 mil­lion lump sum.

Her ad­vis­ers aren’t help­ing mat­ters. “The peo­ple around Mariah turned the breakup into a cir­cus,” says the source close to the sit­u­a­tion. “And they fed a bunch of lies to the me­dia, lies that are easy to dis­prove.” Such as? “At one point, a per­son close to Mariah said some­thing had hap­pened with James while he was on a yacht [in Greece in Septem­ber]. But the prob­lem is, James wasn’t on a yacht and he wasn’t within sev­eral hun­dred miles of Mariah when the al­leged in­ci­dent hap­pened! It was yet another lie. And at one point, her team even claimed Mariah had to can­cel South Amer­ica tour dates be­cause she was so up­set about James [call­ing off the en­gage­ment]. But the prob­lem is, she had pre­vi­ously tweeted about can­cel­ing the tour dates. It had noth­ing to do with him.”

Mariah’s fa­mously gone off the rails be­fore. In 2001, she was hos­pi­tal­ized for two weeks and re­ceived psy­chi­atric care fol­low­ing an emo­tional break­down. “One minute she’s say­ing she wants to go to din­ner to be seen by her fans, and the next minute she’s com­plain­ing that they won’t leave her alone when she goes out,” says the Mariah in­sider.

James feels like he dodged a bul­let. “At one point, he wanted to marry her,” says the source close to the sit­u­a­tion. “They never had sex, but he was in love. Then her drama grew out of con­trol and it was in­evitable that this re­la­tion­ship was not go­ing to last. In the end, James will prob­a­bly work some­thing out with Mariah just to get rid of her. Be­cause the bot­tom line is, Mariah is a mess.” ◼

MARIAH’S WORLD “She’s been act­ing like she’s in her 20s again,” says a Mariah in­sider.

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