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Use the Of­fi­cial En­try Form over the page


Visit our web­site to up­load dig­i­tal files of the im­ages you want to en­ter and pay for them us­ing our se­cure server.

To up­load your en­tries you need to pre­pare your im­age files to be at least 400 pix­els at the short­est edge. Once • Set your cam­era to the high­est qual­ity avail­able.

• Shoot your paint­ings dead square on and fill the frame as much as pos­si­ble. We can crop out ev­ery­thing else.

• Take your paint­ings out­side and pho­to­graph them in the shade. In­door light­ing can cre­ate un­pleas­ant orange or blue color casts.

• To en­sure crisp pic­tures, use a tripod. Be­ing able to see the other on­line en­tries to your com­pe­ti­tions gives me an idea of what my en­try will be up against. It’s great to see your mag­a­zine us­ing the dig­i­tal tech­nol­ogy to help artists be seen world­wide. you are in the page sim­ply se­lect which chal­lenge you wish to en­ter then fol­low the prompts and fi­nally pay the en­try fee via our se­cure server. There you can also see other en­tries re­ceived along with past winners of our com­pe­ti­tions. Please note that un­der no cir­cum­stances will any im­age sup­plied as a dig­i­tal file on CD be ac­cepted. Dig­i­tal files/im­ages must be en­tered on­line. Be­cause I am able to see the paint­ings that other artists are en­ter­ing I am in­spired to en­ter my own art. I am happy that your on­line en­try form al­lows artists from all coun­tries to en­ter. I’ve al­ways wanted to en­ter your com­pe­ti­tions. Now I can. Your on­line en­try form is a good idea. I can even see the qual­ity of the other paint­ings that have won pre­vi­ously. I have just looked at your web­site and found out I can now en­ter your com­pe­ti­tions on­line. Good news isn’t it! Be­cause our mail takes so long it is some­times too late for me to en­ter. Be­ing able to en­ter on­line cer­tainly solves the prob­lem.


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