Dh­wani Parekh

Cal­i­for­nia, USA, Na­ture’s Hug, oil, 19 x 19"

International Artist - - Art Challenge -

My In­spi­ra­tion

Ev­ery­one has to face their share of chal­lenges in life. Some­times all we need is a hug from a loved one as­sur­ing that ev­ery­thing will be fine. On a ran­dom stroll in the park, I re­al­ized that through my art, I can con­vey this beau­ti­ful mes­sage. Na­ture holds the key to our in­tel­lec­tual and spir­i­tual grat­i­fi­ca­tion. Those who pon­der upon the beauty of na­ture, find re­serves of strength and an in­fin­itely heal­ing as­sur­ance that there is dawn af­ter dusk. Here’s my ren­di­tion to this feel­ing, through my self­por­trait, Na­ture’s Hug.

My De­sign Strat­egy

The process of paint­ing on a can­vas might look sim­ple on the out­side, but in re­al­ity it takes a lot of think­ing and brain­storm­ing be­fore putting down ev­ery brush­stroke. De­sign­ing this com­po­si­tion was slightly tricky, since I wanted to show de­tailed work in the back­ground but had to make sure to not overdo it as well. One of the main de­sign as­pects for this paint­ing was to es­tab­lish a con­trast be­tween the greens of the leaves in the back­ground and the warmer flesh tones in the cen­ter. I com­posed the flow­ers in light val­ues and hues so as to at­tract the view­ers’ at­ten­tion to the core of the paint­ing: her face. I also wanted to bring out the ex­pres­sion on the face and to high­light that, the edges around her hair and dress were blurred, while keep­ing those around her face sharp.

My Work­ing Process

Gen­er­ally, I draw a few rough sketches in pen­cil to ex­plore the com­po­si­tion and then paint a few color stud­ies. It’s only af­ter

I feel con­fi­dent of the men­tal pic­ture of my paint­ing that I pro­ceed. How­ever, for this one, I could lit­er­ally en­vi­sion my fi­nal paint­ing and I re­verse-en­gi­neered it to get there! I blocked in the lights and darks af­ter draw­ing ba­sic shapes. I be­gan by ap­ply­ing earthy tones for the darker ar­eas of the skin. Then, in the process of adding cor­rect val­ues and col­ors, sharp­en­ing the de­tails and keep­ing the draw­ing as ac­cu­rate as pos­si­ble, the forms be­gan tak­ing shape. Fi­nally, once I was sat­is­fied with the re­sults and the oils dried off, a nice coat of var­nish sealed the deal, pre­par­ing it for the test of time.

Con­tact De­tails

Email: dh­wani.parekh20@gmail.com

Web­site: www.dhwa­ni­parekh.com

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