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Ray­mar’s mis­sion and pas­sion is to make the finest qual­ity paint­ing pan­els for pro­fes­sional artists. A sec­ond-gen­er­a­tion fam­ily busi­ness, Ray­mar has been ded­i­cated to the craft of fine art for more than 20 years. As a com­pany of artists, Ray­mar knows qual­ity ma­te­ri­als are es­sen­tial to ad­vance an artist’s work and their Oil Pa­per Pan­els are no ex­cep­tion.

Ray­mar’s 58A Oil Pa­per Pan­els are spe­cially for­mu­lated for oil paint­ing. The 140lb cold press, mould made pa­per is ready to use with oil paint and oil pas­tels, with no need to size, gesso or prime. With a beau­ti­ful and unique peb­bled sur­face, the pa­per is ideal for both for land­scapes and por­traits. Con­ve­niently pre-mounted on a Ray­mar panel, a fin­ished paint­ing can be framed with­out glass when var­nished.

Ray­mar cur­rently of­fers nine pro­fes­sional grade can­vas, li­nen and pa­per sur­faces that are mounted with a con­ser­va­tor’s grade ph neu­tral ad­he­sive to MDF, Ga­tor­foam or alu­minum pan­els for a true archival paint­ing sup­port.

Last­ing Art Lives on Ray­mar.

“Ray­mar’s oil pa­per pan­els are my ‘go-to’ paint­ing sub­strate. The sur­face is com­pletely unique with its ir­reg­u­lar peb­bled tex­ture that mim­ics the ap­pear­ance of skin, un­like other sur­faces that have an in­or­ganic, uni­form tex­ture. With this sur­face my fig­ure paint­ings are more life­like and lu­mi­nous.” – David Kas­san, artist

David Kas­san, Jaece, oil on Ray­mar 58A Oil Paint­ing Pa­per Alu­minum Panel, 20 x 16"

Unique peb­bled tex­ture of the 140lb cold press, mould made pa­per de­signed for oil paint­ing

Avail­able Ray­mar panel sub­strates (/-inch MDF, 2mm Alu­minum, /-inch MDF and /-inch Ga­tor­foam)

The sur­face holds both tex­ture and fine brush­strokes ideal for land­scapes, por­traits and de­tail work

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