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Mock me if you will for be­ing such a card-car­ry­ing mem­ber of the selfie gen­er­a­tion, but I like Snapchat, OK? It's an easy way to keep my dear­est sixde­grees-re­moved ac­quain­tances up to date on my ev­ery move, which I as­sume they all truly ap­pre­ci­ate. (Who wouldn't want to be in on such golden snip­pets as, “CUTE BABY ON SUB­WAY”?)

As with all things so­cial media—or just so­cial things, pe­riod—there's a right way and a wrong way to use Snapchat. With great self­ies come great re­spon­si­bil­ity. Al­low me to walk you through the ins and outs of this pic­ture-per­fect app.


screen to take a photo, or tap and hold to cre­ate a video. From there, you can add text to your photos and videos by tap­ping the "T" icon or by tap­ping any­where else on the screen. Hit the "T" icon again to su­per­size your font, doo­dle on your im­age with the pen­cil tool, or even in­tro­duce fil­ters by swip­ing left and right.

When you're sat­is­fied with your snap, tap the lit­tle num­ber in the lower left cor­ner to con­trol how long your friends can view your snap (this ap­plies to photos, not videos). THIS IS IM­POR­TANT! Set­ting the snap for too long is dorky, and set­ting it too short might not give view­ers enough time to process. (I do 4 to 5 sec­onds for a nor­mal snap, and 2 for an em­bar­rass­ing one I don't want my friends to screen­shot.) Fi­nally, press the bot­tom right arrow to send, se­lect your vic­tims, and voilà!


In­stead of send­ing to one per­son or a se­lect group, a story snap ap­pears on Snapchat's equiv­a­lent of a Face­book timeline, mean­ing that any of your friends can see it for 24 hours—so, best to save this for some­thing that's AC­TU­ALLY worth shar­ing en masse. To do it, take a snap as per usual. Then tap the square with the plus sign at the bot­tom of the page.


The only time send­ing pri­vate mes­sages re­ally makes sense is when you re­ceive a snap from some­one that war­rants a re­sponse, but you're not able to con­ceive of a snap that's any­where near the level of what they just sent. (For ex­am­ple: when your friend snaps you a video of her­self rooftop par­ty­ing with a well-known band from the early aughts while you're sit­ting at home watch­ing The Jinx for the third time.) In which case, you can swipe right on your con­tact to mes­sage them. Oth­er­wise, I say stick to tex­ting.


Yep, this is re­ally a thing. You can send money via the app's pri­vate chats; just write a dol­lar sign plus the amount of cash, and hit send. But first, you'll need to en­ter your card info in Set­tings. Just tap the ghost sym­bol at the top of the screen, se­lect the Set­tings icon in the up­per right cor­ner, tap Snap­cash, and en­ter your debit or credit card in­for­ma­tion. Once that's taken care of, find your lucky re­cip­i­ent un­der My Friends, and tap on the Mes­sage sym­bol to be­gin a pri­vate mes­sage. Once you en­ter a dol­lar sign, the yel­low cir­cle will turn green, which you can tap to send cash! Oh, and if you hit the yel­low cam­era but­ton, you can add a selfie to your pay­ment, which, at this point, why not, right?

Nu­mer­ous shots of your trip to the gro­cery store may be overkill for your In­sta­gram fol­low­ers—but not for your Snapchat besties! Chron­i­cling your shop­ping dilem­mas is easy peasy. Just open the app and tap the round but­ton at the bot­tom of the

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