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De­spite your best ef­forts, some­times your high­est num­bered tile will end up in the mid­dle of the top row and there will be a 2 or a 4 block­ing the cor­ner. When this hap­pens, here are a few moves you can try. If your high­est num­bered tile is 512 or lower, then you can at­tempt to build to­ward the op­po­site cor­ner un­til you reach the 1024 tile. If your high­est tile is a 1024 or higher, then re­vers­ing corners can be dif­fi­cult. For this sit­u­a­tion I have de­vised a high-risk, high-re­ward ma­neu­ver called “The Aver­bach.” (Hey, If I'm go­ing to write the rules, I might as well name one of them af­ter my­self!) Step one of The Aver­bach is to cre­ate a col­umn of tiles that can­not be com­bined un­der­neath your high­est tile. Do­ing this is more of an art than a science—start by swip­ing left and right un­til you have filled the box with tiles. Then at­tempt to com­bine tiles un­til you have your non­col­lapsi­ble col­umn un­der your high­est tile. This will take a bit of trial and er­ror. Once you have your non-col­lapsi­ble col­umn, check to make sure that it isn't block­ing the cor­ner. If all looks good, then swipe down. Yes, you read that cor­rectly; this is the only time I'll en­cour­age you to swipe down. If all goes ac­cord­ing to plan, the tile that is block­ing the cor­ner will slide down and you can slide the high­est tile back into place.

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