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The di­ag­nos­tic test takes a small blood sam­ple by prick­ing a pa­tient's fin­ger. The sam­ple is di­luted and put in a dis­pos­able plas­tic cas­sette with the nec­es­sary test­ing agents. The med­i­cal worker then in­serts the cas­sette into the don­gle and presses on a squeez­able rub­ber bulb on the don­gle, which cre­ates the nec­es­sary vac­uum for the sam­ple and agents to mix. The re­searchers were able to greatly lower the cost of the de­vice by us­ing a rub­ber bulb in place of a me­chan­i­cal vac­uum pump.

Im­age credit: Tas­sa­nee­wan Lak­sana­sopin

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