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S wip­ing and tap­ping ges­tures are at the cen­ter of Ap­ple's touch­screen ex­pe­ri­ence, giv­ing you ac­cess to all of your iPhone and iPad's ba­sic func­tions. Check out this sim­ple guide to learn the main con­trols you'll be us­ing on a daily ba­sis.

Tap: Tap­ping your touch­screen is like click­ing a desk­top mouse. To open an app, tap its icon. When brows­ing online, tap high­lighted words or im­ages to visit linked web­pages.

Dou­ble Tap: Tap­ping twice in suc­ces­sion zooms in on or out of text and im­ages. This is use­ful for in­spect­ing im­ages or en­larg­ing text for easy read­ing. If you have the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, dou­ble tap­ping the Home but­ton will ac­ti­vate Reach­a­bil­ity, which shifts the de­vice's larger screen down so it's easy to ac­cess the top corners.

Hold: Press­ing and hold­ing lets you se­lect text or im­ages you'd like to cut, paste, or copy to another lo­ca­tion. For text, just press and hold your fin­ger un­til a blue high­light ap­pears over your se­lec­tion. Drag the edges of the blue area to ad­just your se­lec­tion, and re­lease for the op­tion to copy, cut, or paste. For im­ages, press and hold un­til the op­tion ap­pears to copy the im­age or save it to your Photos app.

Swipe: Swip­ing is in­creas­ingly use­ful for ev­ery­thing from han­dling no­ti­fi­ca­tions to sort­ing mail. Swipe up from the bot­tom of the screen to ac­cess Con­trol Cen­ter; swipe down from the top of the screen for No­ti­fi­ca­tion Cen­ter. To open Spotlight Search, place your fin­ger at the top of the screen but still within the app field and swipe down. Swipe down on a ban­ner no­ti­fi­ca­tion to re­spond to a text, ac­cept an event in­vi­ta­tion, or to delete a mes­sage. Many third-party apps use swipe ges­tures too; just fol­low the on-screen in­struc­tions af­ter you've in­stalled it.

Swip­ing is also use­ful for read­ing books and ar­ti­cles. Swipe gen­tly to scroll slowly while you read; flick to fling the con­tents of the page up or down quickly. To halt a nat­u­ral scroll, tap any­where on the screen. You can also tap the top of the screen to in­stantly re­turn to the top of a page.

Pinch: By pinch­ing your thumb and fore­fin­ger and spread­ing them apart, you can zoom in to en­large ar­eas of your screen. To re­turn to a zoomed-out view, pinch your fin­gers to­gether again.

Ro­tate: Take two fin­gers and turn them clock­wise or coun­ter­clock­wise to ro­tate el­e­ments, such as maps.


The Flick: To sum­mon the mul­ti­task­ing bar and see your most re­cently used apps, press four fin­gers into a claw against the screen, and flick them up­ward. To exit the mul­ti­task­ing view, claw-swipe down.

The Squeeze: This ges­ture lets you re­turn to the Home screen in­stantly, no mat­ter what app you're us­ing. Just place your spread-out fin­ger­tips on the screen, and pinch them into a claw.

The Page-Through: Have a bunch of apps open? Pre­tend you're pag­ing through a book, swip­ing left or right with four or five fin­gers to find the app you're look­ing for.

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