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Join our iPhone Life In­sider pro­gram at in­sider. to gain ac­cess to in-depth guides, video tips, and our staff of ed­i­tors, who can an­swer all your burn­ing ques­tions. Why does “Hey Siri” work with my wife's iPhone 6s when it's un­plugged but not with my iPhone 6? Thanks, Siri Never Lis­tens

Hey, Never Lis­tens! With the iPhone 6s, “Hey Siri” no longer needs a con­stant source of power to func­tion, un­like with older iPhone mod­els. As a work­around, I'd rec­om­mend you get a bat­tery case that keeps your iPhone 6 con­nected to power so you can use this fea­turewhen you're on the go, such as the Anker Ul­tra Slim Ex­tended Bat­tery Case ($99.99). Can I cre­ate an event in my Cal­en­dar di­rectly from a Mail in­vi­ta­tion? Sin­cerely, Please Make My Life Eas­ier

Hey, Easy! Yeah, you can do that. Just press and hold on the un­der­lined date or time and a pop-up will ap­pear, giv­ing you the op­tion to cre­ate an event in your cal­en­dar. If you have the new cal­en­dar sug­ges­tions fea­ture en­abled in iOS 9, you will see the event sug­ges­tion at the top of your mes­sage. Tap it to add to your sched­ule. Easy, right? How do I re­trieve deleted text mes­sages? Thanks, Whoops

Dear Whoops, Sadly, there's no way to re­trieve ac­ci­den­tally deleted texts from within the Mes­sages app. But if you have a backup of your de­vice from be­fore you deleted those pre­cious mes­sages, you can pre­vent los­ing them per­ma­nently by restor­ing that backup to your iPhone via iTunes or iCloud. To re­store your text mes­sages from an iCloud backup, you'll need to first erase your de­vice (make sure you have a backup to re­store to be­fore­hand, though). To do this, go to Set­tings > Gen­eral >Re­set > Erase All Con­tent and Set­tings. When you turn your de­vice back on, the Setup As­sis­tant will even­tu­ally ask you how you would like to set up your new iPhone. Tap Re­store from iCloud Backup. Se­lect a backup from be­fore you deleted your texts, and then tap Re­store.

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