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used to de­vote a lot of time and en­ergy to my cre­ativ­ity. I would craft my own jew­elry, take pic­tures daily, draw and paint, and write lengthy nov­els (which, in ret­ro­spect, were quite ridicu­lous—but I tried!) And I used to find so much joy in all my lit­tle cre­ative ef­forts.

Fast-for­ward to now, and I can barely make time for any of those things that once brought me so much joy. My days all feel the same: I go to work, I come home, I cook din­ner, I go to bed. I just don’t feel in­spired like I used to. When I do fi­nally feel that fa­mil­iar urge to cre­ate, it’s usu­ally at the most in­con­ve­nient time, such as while I’m sit­ting in traf­fic, tak­ing a shower, or grab­bing lunch with a friend. And when I ac­tu­ally de­vote time to my once-fa­vorite hob­bies, I cre­ate stum­bling blocks for my­self by over­think­ing ev­ery­thing and cling­ing to un­re­al­is­tic ideas of per­fec­tion. mean us­ing tech­nol­ogy less, but I’ve learned that tech­nol­ogy it­self isn’t solely to blame for my lack of mo­ti­va­tion—in fact, tech­nol­ogy makes more tools avail­able to me that can help me nour­ish my cre­ativ­ity rather than sti­fle it. Here, I’ll share some of my fa­vorite apps for boost­ing cre­ativ­ity. APPS FOR GET­TING IN­SPIRED

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