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Nin­tendo wanted Su­per Mario Run to be a game you could play with one hand and one fin­ger. That's why Mario au­to­mat­i­cally runs and jumps over ob­sta­cles. Mario will also au­to­mat­i­cally break a long fall by rolling and pull him­self up from edges. How­ever, there are few moves you should know in or­der to com­plete lev­els most ef­fec­tively.

Ba­sic Moves

• Tap the screen to jump. • Tap and hold the screen to jump higher. • In mid-air, tap the screen to spin, which will slow your de­scent.

• To jump off the side of a wall, tap the screen just as you reach it to jump in the op­po­site di­rec­tion. You can com­plete con­sec­u­tive wall jumps back and forth, if needed.

• If Mario falls off a cliff or gets killed by an en­emy, he will float back­wards in a bub­ble. Once the bub­ble stops spin­ning, tap the screen to pop it. If you don't tap the screen, he will float back to­ward the be­gin­ning of the course un­til you do.

• When Mario is rolling, tap the screen to do a rolling jump. Some­times, when rolling down a hill, you can do a rolling jump to reach a higher wall than you would have been able to reach walk­ing. • Tap the screen while Mario is climb­ing an edge to do a climb­ing jump and pro­pel over the edge.

• You will come across Pause Blocks as you run. They will stop you in your tracks, al­low­ing you time to as­sess the sit­u­a­tion ahead and go when ready. Take your time, be­cause when you're on a Pause Block, the timer pauses too.

• As you col­lect coins, a me­ter fills up. When it's full, you'll start Coin Rush. More gold coins will pop up than usual. Col­lect as many as pos­si­ble; it won't last for very long. If you die dur­ing Coin Rush, it will stop.

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