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Su­per Mario Run is bro­ken up into three main gam­ing modes: World Tour, Toad Rally, and King­dom Build­ing.

World Tour

World Tour mode comes with six worlds, each of­fer­ing four lev­els. There's also a boss at the end of each world you must beat. When you beat each level, the next level ap­pears un­til you play through all of them and res­cue Princess Peach. As you play, you'll no­tice pink coins through­out the level. If you col­lect all five pink coins from a level, you mas­ter the ‘easy' dif­fi­culty for that level. You'll then be able to play and col­lect five pur­ple coins, which makes you a mas­ter of the ‘medium' dif­fi­culty for that level. Lastly, there are black coins. When you col­lect all five black coins, you've of­fi­cially com­pleted a level in the tour to its fullest.

The goal in World Tour mode is not only to play through all of the lev­els and res­cue Princess Peach, but to play through all of the lev­els col­lect­ing the coins. If you col­lect all 120 pink, pur­ple, or black coins from each level, you'll re­ceive a pipe that's the same color as the cor­re­spond­ing coin. When placed within your King­dom, having a pipe al­lows you to play an­other hid­den level.

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