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Many peo­ple think beat­ing the game is just a mat­ter of com­plet­ing all the lev­els. If that's all you plan to do, then pay­ing ten dol­lars for a game is go­ing to feel a lit­tle steep. How­ever, truly beat­ing Su­per Mario Run re­quires much more ef­fort than that. Along with com­plet­ing all six worlds, you need to gather all 120 pink, 120 pur­ple, and 120 black coins from those worlds. This, in and of it­self, is a feat. You also need to un­lock all the items in the Store, col­lect all five rainbow bridges, and reach the cur­rent max level: Level 20.

In the fu­ture, I ex­pect Nin­tendo will re­lease fur­ther up­dates that ex­pand what it takes to beat the game. I ex­pect they'll add an­other round of worlds, com­plete with more items to un­lock and rainbow bridges to build. I also ex­pect Nin­tendo to in­clude an­other pay­wall when the world of Su­per Mario Run ex­pands, which I per­son­ally wouldn't mind. In conclusion, this game was worth ev­ery penny to me, and I'm ex­cited to see what Nin­tendo has in store for us next.

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