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What Is Your Fa­vorite Pro­duc­tiv­ity Hack?

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Donna, Ed­i­tor in Chief

I've been lov­ing the one-minute rule from Gretchen Ru­bin's Hap­pier pod­cast, which chal­lenges me to quickly take ac­tion on short tasks like re­spond­ing to a text or email. You end up with a smaller to-do list and freed up men­tal en­ergy.

Sarah, Se­nior Web Ed­i­tor

I only open my email twice a day and write and re­ply to all my mes­sages at once. The rest of the time I quit the app com­pletely so I don't get dis­tracted with no­ti­fi­ca­tions while I'm fo­cus­ing on other projects.

Noah, COO

I would en­cour­age every­one to learn how to use the search func­tions on your Mac and on­line. By learn­ing some ba­sic tricks, like stack­ing mul­ti­ple search pa­ram­e­ters, you'll be able to eas­ily find the ex­act file you want.

Raph, CTO

As I'm wind­ing down in the work day, I like to write a short sum­mary of what I ac­com­plished and what my biggest pri­or­ity is for the next day. It helps me re­mem­ber that I'm mak­ing progress and clar­i­fies what's next so I can jump right in when I re­turn to work.

Rheanne, As­so­ciate Ed­i­tor

I just started us­ing the app Tide (free) to help me stay fo­cused at work. The app, which is based on the Po­modoro Tech­nique, breaks your work into in­ter­vals and helps you stay in the zone with sooth­ing back­ground noise.

David, CEO

I turned off all no­ti­fi­ca­tions for my so­cial feeds on my phone as part of an iPhone ad­dic­tion chal­lenge I took part in for an episode of the iPhone Life Pod­cast. Now, I'm not in­ter­rupted by Face­book or In­sta­gram at work.

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