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How can I change the date of mul­ti­ple pho­tos at once on my iPhone? I took the pho­tos on a cam­era that had the date set to 2021 in­stead of the cur­rent date. Sin­cerely, Dated

Dear Dated, The most re­li­able way to change the date on your pho­tos on your iPhone is in the Pho­tos app on a Mac. You'll need to en­able iCloud Photo Li­brary on both your iPhone and your Mac. Within the Pho­tos app on your com­puter, hold down the Shift key and click on all the pho­tos whose dates you want to change. Next, go to Image and click Ad­just Date and Time. This will al­low you to change the dates for all the pho­tos at once. If you don't have a Mac,the iPhone app Pix­el­garde (free) can change the date stamp right on your phone.

How do I copy pic­tures I’ve re­ceived in a text and at­tach them in an email? Sin­cerely, Copy That

Dear Copy That, The eas­i­est way to copy or save a pic­ture from a text is by long press­ing the photo (just rest your fin­ger on the photo). From the menu that pops up, choose ei­ther Copy or Save (save if you want to keep the image in your Pho­tos app). To email the pic­ture, you'll need to ei­ther paste the image you copied or at­tach the image you saved. Start by long press­ing in the body of the email. A black menu will pop up. Choose Paste if you copied the image. If you saved the photo, tap the ar­row on the right and choose In­sert Photo or Video and choose the image in Pho­tos.

If I’m us­ing GPS on my iPhone and I want to use an­other app, will GPS con­tinue to work? Also, once Ap­ple re­leases the new iPhone in the fall, I plan to up­grade. Can the old iPhone 6 con­tinue to use GPS if it no longer has a data plan? Sin­cerely, Tracker

Dear Tracker, Us­ing an­other app does not in­ter­fere with GPS ac­cu­racy. You also don't need a data plan as long as your phone has a GPS chip (it does) and you are us­ing a fit­ness track­ing app that al­lows you to load your info over Wi-Fi be­fore head­ing out on your walks. Even some nav­i­ga­tion apps let you preload maps over Wi-Fi and then use them when you're off­line. If this doesn't meet your needs, you should find out if your car­rier will let you do some kind of low-cost, data-only plan.

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