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Peo­ple have passed down their cul­ture from gen­er­a­tion to gen­er­a­tion through spo­ken word. Read­ing, on the other hand, is a rel­a­tively re­cent hu­man in­ven­tion that re­quires the brain to con­vert sym­bols to words in or­der to de­ci­pher the mean­ing. Maybe it's not sur­pris­ing then that I en­joy lis­ten­ing to a book more than read­ing it.

While I still love to sit and read, I have lit­tle time to do so. I am of­ten on my feet do­ing sim­ple tasks, so in­stead of read­ing, I lis­ten to books on my iPhone. My go-to source for au­dio­books is Audi­ble. Owned by Ama­zon, Audi­ble of­fers a huge se­lec­tion of ti­tles. Here, I'll share some tips for grow­ing your au­dio­book li­brary as in­ex­pen­sively as pos­si­ble. Sign­ing Up

When you be­come an Audi­ble mem­ber, you pay $15 per month and re­ceive a monthly credit that you can cash in for a book of your choice. I use my cred­its to buy longer, more ex­pen­sive e-books such as Neal Gabler's 34-hour Walt Dis­ney and James Clavell's 53-hour Shogun. Whis­per­sync: Read and Lis­ten to Books

Ama­zon of­ten lets you pur­chase a book's Audi­ble and Kin­dle e-book ver­sions as a dis­counted bun­dle. These bun­dles fea­ture Whis­per­sync. With Whis­per­sync, you can seam­lessly read the Kin­dle ver­sion on your iPhone, switch to the au­dio ver­sion on your com­mute, and then con­tinue read­ing the e-book, all while Ama­zon keeps track of your place.

To pur­chase a Whis­per­sync bun­dle, you must buy the Kin­dle e-book first. When check­ing out on Ama­zon, look for the “Add Audi­ble nar­ra­tion” check­box to add the au­dio com­pan­ion.

If you've pur­chased Kin­dle books in the past, Ama­zon lets you buy any avail­able au­dio com­pan­ions any time with a fea­ture called Audi­ble Match­maker. Just visit ama­ gp/audi­ble/match­maker. All your Kin­dle pur­chases el­i­gi­ble for Whis­per­sync au­dio ver­sions will be listed along with dis­counted Audi­ble prices.

Of­ten the Whis­per­sync bun­dle costs less than a stand­alone Audi­ble pur­chase. Clas­sics are es­pe­cially cheap. Bun­dles for The Ad­ven­tures of Huck­le­berry Finn and Wizard of Oz are less than $2 and best sell­ers, such as Jack Welch's Win­ning and Gre­gory Berns' How Dogs Love Us cost be­tween $5–$15. Get Your Daily Deal

One of my fa­vorite things about the Audi­ble mem­ber­ship is the Daily Deal. Each day, Audi­ble of­fers me a best-sell­ing au­dio­book from be­tween $1.95 and $4.95. On the Daily Deal, I've picked Marie Kondo's Life-Chang­ing Magic of Tidy­ing Up, Robert Caro's bi­og­ra­phy of Lyn­don John­son, and The Great Cour­ses Se­cret Life of Words. (Fans of The Great Cour­ses can pur­chase many lec­ture se­ries with a $15 Audi­ble credit, which costs much less than pur­chas­ing the course di­rectly).

If you like to read and spend a lot of your time do­ing mind­less tasks such as house­work, com­mut­ing, or ex­er­cis­ing, I strongly rec­om­mend au­dio­books.

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