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Face­book Mes­sen­ger has be­come one of the most pop­u­lar apps for con­nect­ing with friends and fam­ily, boast­ing 1.2 bil­lion monthly ac­tive users. In fact, more of my friends use Mes­sen­ger these days than their phones' built-in mes­sag­ing apps! Here are a few of my fa­vorites tips for us­ing Mes­sen­ger. Cus­tomize Group Con­ver­sa­tions

Did you know you can cus­tomize your group chats us­ing nick­names, emo­jis, and color schemes? To get started, open a group conversation and tap your re­cip­i­ents' names at the top of the screen. This will take you to Set­tings. To re­name the conversation, tap the names again lo­cated at the top. You'll then be given the op­tion to Change Name or Change Group Photo. You can also se­lect Nick­names to as­sign your fa­vorite pet name to mem­bers within your group, Color to se­lect a color theme for your conversation, and Emoji to des­ig­nate an emoji for your group chat (the de­fault emoji is the thumb­sup icon). From Set­tings, you can also se­lect Add Peo­ple or Leave Group, view shared pho­tos, and mute no­ti­fi­ca­tions for a set pe­riod of time. Send and Re­quest Cash

One of the best fea­tures of Mes­sen­ger is the abil­ity to send and re­ceive money within the app. To send cash to a friend, sim­ply open a conversation thread and tap the More (plus-sign) icon along the bot­tom of the Mes­sen­ger win­dow and se­lect Pay­ments. If you haven't al­ready connected a debit card to your ac­count, you'll be prompted to set that up. Once that's taken care of, you'll need to en­ter an amount and then se­lect ei­ther Re­quest or Pay. You can also at­tach a note to your pay­ment/re­quest let­ting your re­cip­i­ent know what the money is for.

View Hidden Mes­sages

When a stranger on Face­book sends you a mes­sage, you don't typ­i­cally re­ceive a no­ti­fi­ca­tion the way you would with mes­sages from friends. As a re­sult, I've been com­pletely un­aware of mes­sages from new peo­ple. But there's ac­tu­ally an easy (though un­in­tu­itive) way to ac­cess your hidden mes­sages. Sim­ply nav­i­gate to Peo­ple on the bot­tom menu and then se­lect Mes­sage Re­quests. Here, you'll see Fil­tered Re­quests, as well as Sug­gested Con­tacts. Tap Show All be­neath Fil­tered Re­quests. You'll prob­a­bly no­tice a lot of mes­sages from peo­ple that you don't know, and some of them may even be spam. If you see a mes­sage from some­body that you know, but that doesn't hap­pen to be your Face­book friend, just tap the check­mark next to their name to ap­prove the mes­sage and start re­ceiv­ing no­ti­fi­ca­tions when they con­tact you. Down­load Stick­ers

Face­book's se­lec­tion of free stick­ers is se­ri­ously so much bet­ter than Ap­ple's, which is one of the many rea­sons users love Mes­sen­ger so much. To ac­cess the stick­ers you have, just open a mes­sage and tap the smi­ley-face icon in the menu bar. To add stick­ers to your col­lec­tion, tap on the plus icon. Here, you'll see a wide range of stick­ers to choose from. Down­load your fa­vorite by tapping the down­ward-fac­ing ar­row next to each sticker pack. You can or­ga­nize your stick­ers by tapping the plus icon, nav­i­gat­ing to Your Stick­ers, and tapping and hold­ing the three hor­i­zon­tal lines next to each pack to move them up and down in your list.

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