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I of­ten re­fer to Ever­note as my “sec­ond brain.” The app al­lows me to fol­low a mod­i­fied ver­sion of David Allen's Get­ting Things Done (GTD) phi­los­o­phy, a pro­duc­tiv­ity method de­signed to help you ar­range a sys­tem­atic work­flow to pri­or­i­tize, man­age, and ex­e­cute im­por­tant tasks while snooz­ing those that can wait. To­day, I don't know what I would do with­out my om­nipresent, all-know­ing dig­i­tal as­sis­tant. Here are some tips that will keep you com­ing back to the green, glow­ing re­li­a­bil­ity of Ever­note.

Us­ing the Web Clip­per

I used to be one of those peo­ple with a mil­lion tabs open across the top of my web browser. Sound fa­mil­iar? If so, you des­per­ately need Ever­note's Web Clip­per. With the Web Clip­per, you can clip an en­tire web­page to Ever­note, save it as a book­mark, or even slim it down to a text-only for­mat for min­i­mal­ist con­sump­tion. You can use the Web Clip­per any time by tapping the Share icon while view­ing con­tent in Sa­fari or on just about any other app. Next, se­lect Ever­note from your share op­tions. You can choose the ti­tle, folder lo­ca­tion, and tags for your note. Imag­ine tak­ing a deep breath and clos­ing those tabs with­out fear.

Cap­tur­ing Doc­u­ments

Even in our dig­i­tal world, pa­per doc­u­ments of­ten still rule the day. With Ever­note's doc­u­ment scan­ning fea­ture, I can dig­i­tize bank­ing doc­u­ments, event posters, hand­writ­ten notes, nu­tri­tion la­bels, and man­u­als. With the paid ver­sion, the app will even in­dex the text of these im­ages, mak­ing them search­able. To get started, place a doc­u­ment on a con­trast­ing back­ground like a desk, and then tap the cam­era icon in Ever­note and snap a photo.

Tak­ing Notes

When doc­u­ment­ing a meet­ing, I have found that sim­ple text notes can be in­suf­fi­cient. Ever­note al­lows me to add pic­tures, emo­jis, and Voice Me­mos to my notes, so I am more ef­fec­tively able to re­call im­por­tant in­for­ma­tion later. Once you have a note open, sim­ply choose the form of me­dia you want to in­sert from the menu along the bot­tom. Sort­ing Your Notes

There are two ways to or­ga­nize and group notes: us­ing tags or note­books. For a long time I didn't use any tags at all, opt­ing to name my notes in­stead. This ap­proach be­came less ef­fec­tive over time, and I have added tags to al­most all of my notes. I pre­fer tags over note­books, since tags can be nested as many as three lev­els down. To search your notes, tap the search icon at the top of the screen and en­ter rel­e­vant tags or key­words. A good habit to get into is to name your notes as clearly as pos­si­ble.

Link­ing Notes To­gether

No other note­tak­ing app I have used has al­lowed me to hy­per­link to other notes like Ever­note does. If I make a list of projects I need to com­plete in or­der to achieve a larger goal, each item on that list can link to a sep­a­rate note for the re­spec­tive project. I have found this fea­ture to un­lock a new level of cre­ativ­ity. Us­ing the desk­top Ever­note app, tap the name of the note you'd like to link to, and then tap Copy Note Link. Now, open your new note, high­light an item and hit Com­mand+K to paste in the note link.

Chris Vasques has worked for tech com­pa­nies such as Avid and Gazelle, where his long his­tory of gad­get and tech­nol­ogy fas­ci­na­tion be­came a pro­fes­sional pas­sion. He is cur­rently study­ing Sus­tain­able Com­mu­nity Devel­op­ment with a fo­cus on Me­dia Marketing, and en­joys writ­ing, play­ing music, pro­duc­tiv­ity hacks and en­trepreneurism.

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