I set my crush’s dress on fire!

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When my crush, Amy, agreed to spend July 4th with me, I was so ex­cited. I knew that I wanted to take her to the lo­cal an­nual fire­works show. Things were go­ing great once we got there — she was hold­ing my hand and laugh­ing at all my jokes, but the night quickly went south. We bought some sparklers to play with, and I was try­ing to write her name in the air when I heard her yell some­thing about her dress. I looked, and my sparkler must’ve brushed against the sleeve of her dress and had caught on fire! I started hit­ting her arm with my free hand to put it out while she started to cry. Some­one threw a cup of wa­ter on her to help out, and be­fore I knew it, she left the date wet, with a burnt dress sleeve! — Adam, OH

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