Colleen got her dress stuck in her butt!

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Colleen BallingerE­vans is known for her silly an­tics on her Mi­randa Sings YouTube chan­nel, but there was one per­for­mace that even con­fi­dent Mi­randa would be hu­mil­i­ated by! “Dur­ing a theater per­for­mance, I was itch­ing where my mic pack was and I ac­ci­dently stuck my dress

un­der­neath it,” she tells J-14. “I went on stage and my dress was caught

up in­side my un­der­wear and I did an

en­tire solo and dance with my dress look­ing like it was stuck in my butt!”

Colleen had no idea this was go­ing on, but the rest of the

cast made sure to let her know. “They were all laugh­ing at

me,” she says. “I was mor­ti­fied!”

We aren’t “kid­deen” you, it re­ally hap­pened!

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