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One of my friends is too clingy and she doesn’t know it. I don’t want to hurt her feel­ings or stop be­ing her friend, I just want her to back off a lit­tle bit. How do I break the news to her while still be­ing nice? — Alyssa, 11


Natasha: Clingy friends are dif­fi­cult — most of them don’t re­al­ize that them be­ing clingy usu­ally drives the other per­son away. Be as nice as you pos­si­bly can, be­cause the truth is that the clingy friend is prob­a­bly very fond of you and just wants to be around some­one they like! You can sim­ply let her know that you guys don’t al­ways have to be hang­ing out and that you would love a lit­tle space. Some­times if a per­son is ex­tremely clingy with me, I tend to step away from my phone and just try to drop the con­ver­sa­tion for a day to give my­self some space. Don’t ig­nore the friend for­ever, but 100% feel free to step away from the con­ver­sa­tion when needed.

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