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Just Cross Stitch - - Contents - Faby Reilly

Skill Level: Beginner Ma­te­ri­als

• One each 8"x 8" piece 18- count lite oat­meal Fid­dler’s cloth and black Aida from Wichelt Im­ports Inc.* • One skein each DMC® or Sul­li­vans®

USA six-strand em­broi­dery floss* • Size 24 ta­pes­try nee­dle *See Where to Find It on page 64.

Stitch Count

But­ter­fly: 16H x 27W Moth: 15H x 23W

De­sign Size

But­ter­fly: 1" x 11/2" Moth: 7/8" x 11/ 3" In­struc­tions: Cross stitch over one thread us­ing two strands of floss. Back­stitch over two threads us­ing two strands of floss.

Fin­ish­ing Ma­te­ri­als & In­struc­tions

• Fusi­ble in­ter­fac­ing • Two sil­ver tri­an­gu­lar pen­dant set­ting frame mount­ings 108ST from Etsy shop Kailea* • Four 7mm oval sil­ver jump rings (two

for each pen­dant) • Five 5mm sil­ver jump rings (two for

but­ter­fly, three for moth) • Two 4mm sil­ver jump rings (but­ter­fly) • Four 10mm sil­ver pen­dant bails (two

for each pen­dant) • Four 10mm sil­ver end caps with loops

(but­ter­fly) • Two 8" lengths black satin cord

(but­ter­fly) • Two 8" lengths 3mm sil­ver chain

(moth) • 10mm sil­ver tog­gle clasp (but­ter­fly) • 12mm sil­ver lob­ster- claw clasp (moth) • Fab­ric-mark­ing pen­cil • Ny­lon-jaw pli­ers • Chain-nose pli­ers *See Where to Find It on page 64. Note: Re­fer to man­u­fac­turer’s in­struc­tions when plac­ing stitched piece into frame. Press each stitched piece from re­verse side, straight­en­ing as much as pos­si­ble. Fuse a3" x 3" square of in­ter­fac­ing to re­verse side of each stitched piece.

Place one stitched piece faceup and po­si­tion pen­dant frame over it, cen­ter­ing de­sign within frame. Use fab­ric-mark­ing pen­cil to trace frame out­line onto stitched piece. Trim piece along marked line and fit it onto the back­ing plate. Trim flush with edge. Place stitched piece and back­ing plate in frame, add pin back­ing, and use ny­lon-jaw pli­ers to clamp prongs on pin back­ing in place.

Re­peat with re­main­ing stitched piece and pen­dant frame.

But­ter­fly Pen­dant: With chain-nose pli­ers, at­tach 7mm oval jump ring to each of the hang­ing loops on pen­dant set­ting and then fas­ten a bail to each jump ring. Slip one end of one cord length into an end cap and use pli­ers to clamp end cap se­curely over cord. Fol­low same process to at­tach an end cap to the op­po­site cord end; re­peat on a sec­ond cord length. Use pli­ers and 5mm jump rings to at­tach one end of each cord piece to one of the bails. At­tach tog­gle clasp pieces to op­po­site ends of cord with 4mm jump rings.

Moth Pen­dant: At­tach a 7mm oval jump ring to each of the hang­ing loops on pen­dant set­ting, and then fas­ten a bail to each jump ring. Use pli­ers and 5mm jump rings to at­tach one end of each chain length to bails. At­tach a 5mm jump ring to op­po­site end of one chain and then at­tach lob­ster-claw clasp to end of one of the other chain.

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