Fern Ridge Col­lec­tions,

Un­der the Mistle­toe

Just Cross Stitch - - Frosty The Snowman - Pat Cherry and Peggy Tip­ton

Skill Level: Easy

Fab­ric: One fat quar­ter gar­net hound­stooth wool from Weeks Dye Works™

De­sign Size: 31/4" x 21/4"

Fin­ish­ing Ma­te­ri­als & In­struc­tions

• Sheep's Silk charcoal #152 thread from The Thread Gath­erer

• Fiber­fill

• Four 1/2" mother-of-pearl flow­er­shaped but­tons

• One 1/2" mother-of-pearl round but­ton

• Four 10" lengths 1/4"-wide black-and­white ging­ham rib­bon

• Im­i­ta­tion mistle­toe leaves

• Che­nille sharp nee­dle #20

Re­fer to or­na­ment on page 44 as you con­struct this or­na­ment.

Us­ing pat­tern pro­vided, make a tem­plate and cut out four shapes from wool fab­ric. Stitch one flower-

shaped but­ton in the cen­ter of each wool shape.

Put two wool shapes to­gether, but­tons on out­side, and pin. With knot­ted thread, come up in the point of up­per shape only about 1/8" from point. Blan­ket-stitch up to the top point. Leave a 3" thread tail and snip off.

Lay the third wool shape on top of one of the first two shapes and re­peat pro­ce­dure with the third and fourth wool shapes.

To close the ball, match the first and fourth shape edges and blan­ket­stitch to the top leav­ing the fourth tail. Stuff the ball with fiber­fill.

Tie two op­po­site thread tails into a knot and then the re­main­ing two tails into a knot. Snip off tails at the knots. The top now be­comes the bot­tom of the or­na­ment.

Tie each rib­bon length into a bow and set aside.

Use a knot­ted length of wool thread to close the top of the ball with tack­ing stitches. Put the round but­ton on top and stitch to top go­ing through but­ton twice. Go through the but­ton a third time and make a twist­edthread loop for hang­ing at the top of the but­ton. Take a cou­ple of tack­ing stitches un­der the but­ton to se­cure; do NOT snip thread.

Place a rib­bon bow be­side the but­ton; with nee­dle and thread at­tach the bow to the top of the ball. At­tach an­other bow to the op­po­site side of but­ton. Re­peat with re­main­ing two bows on re­main­ing sides of but­ton. With re­main­ing thread on nee­dle, at­tach mistle­toe leaves.

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