Al­ways Time to Stitch,

Quartet of Coun­try Or­na­ments

Just Cross Stitch - - Frosty The Snowman - Jen­nifer Ro­driguez

Skill Level: Easy

Fab­ric: Four 9"x 9" pieces 28-count milk choco­late linen from Wichelt Im­ports Inc.

Stitch Count

Lamp: 40H x 26W Mit­ten: 38H x 30W Stock­ing: 38H x 30W Tree: 39H x 30W

De­sign Size

Lamp: 27/ 8" x 17/ 8" Mit­ten: 25/ 8" x 21/ 8" Stock­ing: 23/4" x 21/ 8" Tree: 23/4" x 21/ 8"

In­struc­tions: Cross stitch over two threads us­ing two strands of floss. Where small sym­bols ap­pear, work par­tial cross stitch.

Back­stitch over two threads us­ing one strand of floss un­less other­wise noted be­low.

Stock­ing Or­na­ment: Back­stitch tree branches us­ing four strands 7077. Back­stitch plaid ac­cents us­ing two strands 7052 and two strands 7077.

Mit­ten Or­na­ment: Back­stitch top holly ac­cents us­ing four strands 7077. Back­stitch writ­ing us­ing two strands 7052. Work French Knots us­ing two strands 7052 and wrap­ping floss around nee­dle twice.

Lamp Or­na­ment: Back­stitch hanger us­ing four strands 310/45053.

Fin­ish­ing Ma­te­ri­als & In­struc­tions

• 1 fat quar­ter Weeks Dye Works™ moss wool fab­ric #2201

• DMC® 310, 816 and 470

• Hemp cord for hang­ers

• Pink­ing shears Press stitched piece from re­verse side

Trim stitched piece to 1/2" from back­stitched out­line on all sides, be­ing sure to cut straight along linen line. (Four­teen linen threads will equal 1/2".) Fold un­der each edge 1/4" and press.

Us­ing three strands 816, work blan­ket stitch around each side, keep­ing stitches two linen threads away from black back­stitched out­line.

Place stitched piece on wool fab­ric. Mark a stitch­ing line 1/2" from stitched piece. Trim wool with pink­ing shears.

Cen­ter stitched piece on wool with wrong side of stitched piece on right side of wool. Us­ing one strand 310 and sharp nee­dle, join stitched piece to wool along black back­stitch line with a run­ning stitch. (The run­ning stitch should blend in with the back­stitches and be in­vis­i­ble.)

Cut a 9" length of hemp cord. On wool side of or­na­ment, place one end of hemp cord 11/2" from top of or­na­ment along run­ningstitch line. Us­ing three strands 470, stitch the the hemp cord to wool with­out pierc­ing the stitched piece. Sew about 1/2" of the hemp cord, just to the top of the back­stitch­ing line. (Do not stitch above the back­stitch­ing line; you do not want the stitch­ing to show on the fin­ished or­na­ment.)

Stitch other end of hemp cord hanger in the same fash­ion.

Us­ing pink­ing shears, cut a piece of wool 1/4" smaller than or­na­ment piece on all sides. Us­ing one strand of 470, whip­stitch smaller wool piece to re­verse side of or­na­ment.

Al­ways Time to Stitch; al­waystime­tos­titch@ com­

*DMC® al­ter­na­tive is not a one-to- one equiv­a­lent to the floss sug­gested by the de­signer. To achieve re­sults pic­tured, use floss listed in the first col­umn.

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