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Fab­ric: 9"x 9" piece 32-count an­tique white Belfast linen from Zweigart® Stitch Count: 41H x 39W De­sign Size: 25/ 8" x 21/2"

In­struc­tions: Cross stitch over two threads us­ing two strands of floss.

Work 1/2 cross stitches over two threads us­ing one strand of metal­lic thread.

Work closed her­ring­bone stitch over four threads us­ing one strand of metal­lic thread.

Fin­ish­ing Ma­te­ri­als & In­struc­tions

• Two 3"x 3" pieces thin bat­ting • 3"x 3" piece fusible in­ter­fac­ing • 3"x 3" piece ecru felt • 3"x 3" piece card­board • 21/4" dark red tas­sel • 22" length dark red cord­ing • Dark red and ecru sewing thread • Tacky glue • Fab­ric-mark­ing pen­cil Press stitched piece from re­verse side, straight­en­ing as much as pos­si­ble.

Make a card­board tem­plate us­ing pat­tern pro­vided.

Us­ing card­board tem­plate, trace and cut out one piece each from both pieces of bat­ting, from in­ter­fac­ing and from ecru felt.

Glue both cut pieces of bat­ting to card­board tem­plate.

Cen­ter the stitched piece over bat­ting and flip over. Us­ing the fab­ric-mark­ing pen­cil, mea­sure and mark 1" from card­board panel edges all around; trim stitched piece. Cen­ter and fuse in­ter­fac­ing to the back of the stitched piece.

Cen­ter stitched piece on bat­ting side of card­board panel, right side up, and wrap linen fab­ric around back of card­board panel, glu­ing in place. Work a run­ning stitch along the linen fab­ric edge and then pull to gather the hem at the back over the card­board while ap­ply­ing a small amount of glue.

Press down and let glue dry. At­tach tas­sel with small stitches at the cen­ter lower back of or­na­ment.

Cut a 3-foot length of cord­ing, fold in half. At­tach the small loop at the back of up­per side and fix it in place with small stitches worked with dark red thread.

Fold re­main­der of cord­ing in half and, start­ing from the tas­sel, at­tach one end of cord­ing at the back of the or­na­ment, go­ing along one side to­ward the up­per side and then re­peat for the other side. Use dark red sewing thread and at­tach cord­ing with small slip­stitches.

Glue ecru felt on back of panel and then slip­stitch along the edge with ecru sewing thread to se­cure the felt to the linen fab­ric.

*DMC® al­ter­na­tive is not a one-to- one equiv­a­lent of the floss sug­gested by the de­signer. To achieve re­sults pic­tured, use floss listed in the first col­umn.

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