John Gil: the new leader of Chris­tian youth

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La Se­m­ana re­cently had the chance to have a lengthy talk with one of the youngest pas­tors of the Tul­san Chris­tian com­mu­nity, John Gil.

John fol­lows in the foot­steps of his mother, Car­men Gil, pas­tor of Vic­tory His­panic Church. He started study­ing in 2008 while work­ing with a small group of Chris­tian teenagers that to­day has be­come a group of 90 young adults.

The pas­tor has a dif­fi­cult chal­lenge with his group, ad­vis­ing a com­mu­nity that is try­ing hard to forge an iden­tity in the USA while fac­ing the loss of its orig­i­nal roots. The chal­lenge is help­ing boys and girls to live in a bi-cul­tural re­al­ity, feel­ing the re­jec­tion of the Amer­i­can so­ci­ety, the lack of cer­ti­tude of the near fu­ture and be­liev­ing at the same time that faith will pro­vide.

John knows what it feels like to be in those shoes.

“I re­call when I was a teenager feel­ing a sense of re­jec­tion to­wards my fam­ily’s tra­di­tions. I even stopped eat­ing His­panic food be­cause I felt that these roots would make me dif­fer­ent from the rest, and I wanted to fit in; it is very hard to be a Latin Amer­i­can kid in the USA,” said John, who now tries to en­lighten the path for the youngest through the teach­ing of the Gospel.

John has be­come a leader in the Tulsa com­mu­nity, and as such is quick to ex­press his opin­ion on ev­ery mat­ter of pub­lic in­ter­est, most re­cently the Or­lando mas­sacre.

“News like this take your breath away, it is sad and at the same time it causes a lot of fear,” said Gil. “I hope the fam­i­lies in­volved find the strength needed to sur­vive this hard mo­ment. Just like God loves ev­ery hu­man be­ing the same, we as a Church fol­low the same ex­am­ple with­out tak­ing into con­sid­er­a­tion the sex­ual pref­er­ences of our wor­shipers.”

The Pas­tor is still a bit con­ser­va­tive with re­gards to ho­mo­sex­ual mar­riage, and be­lieves mar­riage is a sa­cred sacra­ment that should fol­low the scrip­tures.

“The per­fect union [is] be­tween a man and a woman,” he said. He later ex­plained that the re­sults of this union are the chil­dren that with guid­ance and love will be­come hon­est adults. Fam­i­lies are sup­posed to lead the child onto the right path, and for that hus­bands and wives need to re­mem­ber what their roles are, ad­vised the pas­tor.

Gil con­sid­ers his pur­pose as a pas­tor is to guide the youngest in the com­mu­nity so that one day they can lead by ex­am­ple. (La Se­m­ana)

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