Blake is adored not only by Gwen, but by her boys. From copy­ing the coun­try singer’s camo clothes to get­ting fake tat­toos to match the deer tracks on his arm to rev­el­ing in trips to Blake’s Ok­la­homa es­tate, Zuma, Apollo and Kingston can’t get enough of th

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the doc­tor to trans­fer fe­male em­bryos if it’s an avail­able op­tion.” And, de­spite his some­times­salty per­sona, Blake is a se­cret softy who is com­pletely on board with Op­er­a­tion Baby Girl. “Gwen knows he will be very pro­tec­tive of their daugh­ter,” shares the in­sider. “He’d want her to be [safe and se­cure] her en­tire life.”


Blake is also pro­tec­tive of Gwen. Be­cause she’s in her 40s, a preg­nancy would be con­sid­ered high­risk. In fact, Gwen has re­vealed that even hav­ing baby No. 3 was a strug­gle for her, call­ing Apollo a “miracle.” “Blake knows the toll [try­ing to get preg­nant] has taken on her, emo­tion­ally and phys­i­cally,” says the in­sider.

“If Gwen fi­nally does get preg­nant, she will be tak­ing it easy and not trav­el­ing a lot.”

Gwen’s plan is to have mul­ti­ple em­bryos im­planted, says the in­sider, and freeze the oth­ers. “They have a higher prob­a­bil­ity of get­ting preg­nant if Gwen has more than one em­bryo trans­ferred,” shares the in­sider. “But Blake is con­cerned about it. What if they all take? He is ready to be a dad, but the pos­si­bil­ity of twins or triplets is just daunt­ing!”


On Sept. 20, Gwen spent two hours in an LA doc­tor’s of­fice — and Blake

was right by her side. He’s been there for her from the start. While their re­la­tion­ship be­gan soon after their re­spec­tive 2015 splits, and haters were quick to la­bel it a re­bound ro­mance, Blake and Gwen are the real deal. And they both were up­set when they dis­cov­ered Gwen wasn’t preg­nant re­cently after they thought she was. Gwen had be­lieved she was ex­pect­ing after tak­ing a home-preg­nancy test, the in­sider says, but within days she learned that she wasn’t. “They were ob­vi­ously more than dev­as­tated,” notes the in­sider. “Blake took it a lot harder than Gwen.” But

“I re­ally love the baby stuff. I miss it.” — Gwen on her sons grow­ing up

she found a bright spot. Now “Gwen knows she is able to get preg­nant,” says the in­sider. “She and Blake are ab­so­lutely more com­mit­ted than ever to hav­ing a baby.”

In fact, Gwen and Blake are pri­or­i­tiz­ing hav­ing their baby girl over ty­ing the knot. “They would want the baby to be a part of their wed­ding,” re­veals the in­sider, “and have de­cided to wait un­til her arrival to get mar­ried.”

But they’re not wait­ing for her birth — or even her con­cep­tion! — to dream up names and nurs­ery de­signs. While de­signer Gwen is nat­u­rally ea­ger to dec­o­rate the nurs­ery, Blake’s been sur­pris­ingly in­volved, the in­sider says. And though he sings “You name the ba­bies and I’ll name the dogs” in his lat­est sin­gle, he wasn’t hands- off in that area ei­ther. “They have had names picked out for months,” re­veals the in­sider. “The names will be unique.” (Gwen says she once con­sid­ered “Garbo” if she and Gavin, 51, had had a daugh­ter.) Older broth­ers Kingston, Zuma and Apollo prove Gwen’s fond­ness for un­usual names! Now it’s time to pick one for a girl. “Hav­ing a lit­tle girl is what Gwen’s al­ways wanted. She can’t be­lieve it’s fi­nally hap­pen­ing,” says the in­sider. “Blake is the per­fect part­ner for her to raise her daugh­ter with.”

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