Make a dif­fer­ence in a child’s life this Christ­mas

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Ed­i­tor: “Tis the sea­son to be jolly.”

I know it is not Thanks­giv­ing and here we go talk­ing about Christ­mas, but Lodi Adopt a Child has over 750 un­der­priv­i­leged chil­dren on our list.

To make a bright and merry Christ­mas for our kids re­quires time and help. You can help by “adopt­ing” one of these chil­dren for Christ­mas. Buy for these chil­dren what you would give your own child. They all need new warm cloth­ing and a toy.

You can pick up an An­gel Card which pro­vides the name, gen­der, sizes and some­thing a child has asked of Santa. An­gel cards can be picked up at 100 E. Pine St. be­gin­ning on Satur­day, Nov. 17 and Sun­day, Nov. 18 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and then daily from 1 to 6 p.m. We ask you to re­turn your un­wrapped gifts by Nov. 30. If you have any ques­tions or need An­gel Cards de­liv­ered to you, feel free to call our of­fice at 333-1056 or my cell phone at 327-0494 and leave a mes­sage.

Please take the time and ef­fort to help make this a mem­o­rable Christ­mas for our kids. On be­half of the Board of Di­rec­tors of Lodi Adopt a Child, we wish you a Christ­mas and New Year’s filled with peace, joy, good health, and pros­per­ity.

JERRY GLENN Lodi Adopt a Child

Get used to Trump’s ways

Ed­i­tor: It’s over — Thank the Lord. I find it some­what grat­i­fy­ing that “our girl on the hill” Nancy Pelosi didn’t get the “wave” that she hoped for. If the wave had crashed all over Pres­i­dent Trump — vis a vis his agenda — Pelosi would have been all over Pres­i­dent Trump like slime on cat­fish.

But, as it turned-out; it didn’t work. How­ever, I re­ally do think that rea­son­able Dems are be­gin­ning to un­der­stand that they are deal­ing with a man who, more than any­thing else, likes to get the job done.

The facts speak for them­selves, and that’s why most Amer­i­cans rec­og­nize that Pres­i­dent Trump works every day for those of us who be­lieve that work is the foun­da­tion of a so­ci­ety that can not be bro­ken.

All of the DC bu­reau­crats are go­ing to have to make a new plan; and they are all pound­ing their heads against the wall, pray­ing that Pres­i­dent Trump will just get letup a lit­tle. Sorry, there is no let-up, and if the Dems don’t come to terms with re­al­ity, then they will all be left in a world of hurt be­yond any­thing ever imag­ined — be­lieve It! STAN TAVES Lodi

Re­sponse to abor­tion let­ter

Ed­i­tor: Re­gard­ing Lange Win­kler’s state­ment in the News-Sen­tinel. Oct. 3, that abor­tion has freed women. One can ask the ques­tion: has abor­tion re­ally freed women or has it al­lowed men to use women and abuse them and avoid re­spon­si­bil­ity? Has it truly freed women? Or has it come with a price? Sadly, some women have paid, at the cost of their own lives.

Has it al­lowed women to move on with their lives? Or is it al­ways on their con­science and deep in their heart, that nag­ging truth that they took the life of their child and fills them with deep re­gret, shame, worth­less­ness, guilt, and sad­ness. Could this pos­si­bly con­firm the study, that those who have abor­tions have an 81 per­cent in­crease in men­tal health is­sues, PTSD, and other ac­com­pa­ny­ing de­struc­tive be­hav­iors, in­clud­ing sui­cide.

It would seem that in­ter­rupt­ing preg­nancy is go­ing against na­ture and the nat­u­ral con­clu­sion of preg­nancy, which will al­ways have con­se­quences. Of course there can al­ways be com­pli­ca­tions dur­ing preg­nancy, but due to the na­ture of the abor­tion pro­ce­dures, there is a myr­iad of things that could go hor­ri­bly wrong, in­clud­ing; per­fo­ra­tion of the uterus, hem­or­rhag­ing, car­diac ar­rest, en­do­toxic sock, ma­jor in­tended surgery, in­fec­tion re­sult­ing in hos­pi­tal­iza­tion, con­vul­sion, un­di­ag­nosed ec­topic preg­nancy, cer­vi­cal lac­er­a­tion, uter­ine rup­ture, and death.

As to the claim that chil­dren be­come wards of the state-at present, there are 40 cou­ples who wait for every baby avail­able for adop­tion, in­clud­ing chil­dren of all races and those with spe­cial needs. To find out what some women say who have had an abor­tion please visit: www.silent­nomore­aware­­ti­monies or www.abor­tion­re­cov­ MARY C. KAEHLER Lodi

The heal­ing be­gins

Ed­i­tor: The elec­tion is over and now the real bat­tle will start. No mat­ter who won or lost, it will cre­ate more hate among Amer­i­cans. Democrats have to be smart and hon­est and wise to clean the mess and hate cre­ated by Repub­li­can Party and their lead­er­ship dur­ing the last two years.

I think one man and party rule is over. Peo­ple take a breath. The rest of the job will be done in 2020. I re­quest to fel­low Amer­i­cans to love each other. I know it takes time to heal — the coun­try has been di­vided and Amer­i­cans hate each other. Out­side, we have a cou­ple of friends and the rest of the world hate us be­cause we bring un­rest into their lives. Our for­eign pol­icy needs to be flex­i­ble for all, but sorry to write and say, it is not. We are just pro­tect­ing a of friends.

I re­quest to the my Amer­i­cans to love each other. I know it takes time to heal and be care­ful in the fu­ture and think be­fore cast­ing a vote. I con­grat­u­late all fel­low Democrats on this suc­cess and es­pe­cially of Lodi for their hard work on this suc­cess. MUSH­TAQ A TAHIRKHELI Lodi

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